Feb 03, 2020

Director of Operations (Southeastern Swimming LSC)

  • Southeastern Swimming LSC
  • Within the Southeastern LSC
Full time Team Administrator

Job Description

Director of Operations (DOO) Southeastern Swimming LSC 


The Southeastern LSC is looking to hire a full-time Director of Operations. The Southeastern LSC encompasses three states, Tennessee, Alabama, and the panhandle of Florida. Our LSC is home to 77 teams and 10,000 Athletes.

Roll & Reporting Relationships

Director of Operations reports directly to SES’s General Chairman. The DOO’s primary responsibility is assisting the Board of Directors, Committee chairs, and coaches within the LSC with the organizational responsibilities of Southeastern Swimming. The DOO will uphold and adhere to the LSC’s mission statement. This reporting relationship is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the General Chairman.


  • Compensation commensurate with experience.
  • Health insurance stipend
  • Phone, and internet services covered

Job Requirements

  • Required to travel throughout the LSC for championship meets, board meetings, and other events to stay involved with the LSC governance.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States.
  • Must have knowledge of Team Unify. Preferred some web design experience
  • Preferred 4-year bachelor’s degree.
  • Required to be competent with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, ect.

Certification & Licenses

Director of Operations must remain current with all requirements of a non-athlete member of USA Swimming.  Director of Operations must also provide original documentation of compliance with any required certifications and training to SES.  In addition, SES expects that all of its employees will seek to improve their professional development.

Application Deadline

All applications must be submitted by February 22nd. Submit all applications to the General Chair, Steven Murry, at: Coachsteven@excelaquatics.org.

Applications must include a one-page resume with relevant work experience and a list of 3 references with their contact information.



  • Check all voice mails and return calls
  • Be available for phone calls/emails over the weekends and after 5:00 pm on weekdays – business phone links to your cell phone
  • Check all emails and respond
  • Open all mail
    • Separate mail
    • Sort mail for registration processing, general office business, or to forward to a specific board or committee members


  • Supervise and prioritize all registrations for inputting
  • Register all athletes, coaches, and clubs
  • Process all-athlete transfers
  • Update and record any changes in Coaching Safety Certifications
  • Update and process all club charter information received.
  • Maintain filing system for all registration information.
  • Order all registration materials from USA
  • Prepare current registration forms for SE website.
  • Prepare August mailing of registration materials for each chartered
  • Provide information on new club membership to interested
  • Check and approve all new club applications before forwarding to USA Swimming.
  • If New club has incomplete or erroneous information, work with club to correct and ready for approval by USA Swimming.
  • Provide information and assistance to new and renewing individual members and clubs, including software support for electronic registration.
  • Ensure that all Board of Directors members and Committee members are current in their USA Swimming
  • Familiarize yourself with SWIMS Registration Manual.
  • Attend any and all Registration workshops at USA Convention and/or Zone workshops.
  • Maintain the Registration webpage on the LSC site, forms, how too’s, and foreign athlete information.


  • Review each meet information packet against USA Swimming rules and regulation; communicate with meet host regarding any issues, corrections, or omissions until all are
  • Maintain the meet management page on the LSC webpage. Update the meet information template with all the current USA Swimming requirements.
  • Send meet sanction number with the duties and expectations of the host club and to the official's committee.
  • Review posted meet schedule and send email reminders to meet hosts that pre-meet backups are due in the office for pre-meet recon one week before the meet begins.
  • Supervise the pre-meet recon process and report any errors to the club and/or LSC that have errors.
  • Send host club the coaches list on Thursday before the meet with instructions/deck pass/late entries and send the post-meet file as soon as the meet is over.
  • Know are review the differences between the three options
  • Post the three types of meets – sanction, approval, and observed with description.
  • Send Approved and Observed meets to appropriate chairmen at USA Swimming TIMES committee.
  • Deposit any sanction/approved/observed meet bid money for added meets to the calendar.


  • Work with Board to establish meet bid process – dates, etc.
  • Work with clubs to work on working calendar during the meet bid process
  • Collect all money from meet bids and deposit.
  • Publish the calendar on the web page when finalized.
  • After meet, calendar publishes work with affected clubs, if any, about meet additions/changes to make sure no conflicts.
  • Make sure added meets to the calendar meet the requirement of the Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Collect fees associated with adding a meet to the calendar.


  • Review post-meet reports and financial
  • Run a post-meet recon to check that all athletes participating were registered and all had correct athlete ID numbers and correct club affiliations
  • Email hosting club to receive a list of any registrations collected at the meet
  • Compare the above list to athletes appearing as not registered
  • Send out fine emails to club if athlete competed and was not registered – fines
  • Upload results to the National Times Database and correct all errors
  • Collect all required fees and
  • Upload meet results file and readable results to webpage under the current results


  • When needed send e-blasts from the office to coaches I clubs for notification of timely matters
  • Posting and updating areas of the website
  • Generate PDF files of all postings for web
  • Review further website problems and enhancements with Team Unify (ie credit card – expansion for better LSC use)
  • Generate the SE top 10 from SWIMS for the


  • Execute and or assist with OME entries for all championship meets with host club
  • Run pre-meet recon and resolve registration issues pre-meet.
  • Proof non-conforming times prior to championship meets once OME closes if proof cannot be located notify club for proof of
  • Assist host club as a clearinghouse for all meet-related


  • Buy and prepare awards for presentation at the SC Champs from the Fall LSC meetings.
  • Buy Banners for the LC and SC Championships
  • With the help of the Tech Planning Chair determine the number medal/awards that are needed at each region meet and each Championship meets.
  • Buy medals/awards for LSC meets


  • List all checks received separately under correct category
    • Registration
    • Meet surcharges
    • Fines
    • Meet Bids
    • Approved or Observed meet fees
  • Sort all checks into categories and prepare separate deposits for registrations.
  • Balance registration transaction with deposit. Prepare bi-monthly reconciliation between the USA Swimming registration account and the various Registration income
  • Make all deposits and mail deposit slips to the Treasurer.
  • Assist Treasurer in preparation of Treasurer's report for HOD I BOD as needed
  • Prepare an office budget
  • Help with Club Support programs – i.e., verify membership status


  • LSC
    • Work directly with setting up LSC Meetings
      • Hotel is usually up to the host club
      • Work with host and hotel for meeting hours/catering.
      • Work on meeting times/place/days with General Chair and Tech/coaches chairperson
      • Work with Board on posting reports
      • Work with Coaches Chair on Education for coaches workshop.
      • Post and print agendas for HOD, BOD, and Coaches meeting after consulting with GC and Coaches Chair.
      • Prepare any printouts for the meeting.
      • Have a projector available for the meeting.
      • Decide if you are doing a special workout for Sunday – registration/meet management/club leadership/coaches safety training.
      • Work with Coaches Chair on caps for All-Star team (Brian has done certificates.
      • HALL OF FAME
        • Work with Host team on the weekend.
          • Swimpossium – USA Swimming and Host
          • Regular duties of a LSC meeting
          • Work with Hall of Fame committee with contacting award winners, hotel space for them, and any involvement

                            WORK WITH HOTEL WITH ALL PAYMENTS.

  • USA Convention
    • Work with BOD on attendance – dates arrive/depart
    • Work with members of National Committee members and their schedule/meetings.
    • Reserve hotel rooms/roommates’specific dates – check on state tax exemption
    • Do convention registration – to convention and to Treasurer to pay
    • Loosely help with meeting attendance – who – where. Should be overseen by GC



  • Maintain all Records (SC and LC) individual and relay.
  • Compare top times from SWIMS to see if any records have been broken.
  • After each season update records and post on the web page.


  • Times – downloading Meet results into SWIMS.
    • Note if Sanctioned, Approval or Observed and follow rules associated with each meet.
    • Clear all swimmer times that have no alerts.
    • Resolve times that have alerts – non-registered athletes, flex swimmers, non- transferred swimmers.
      • Check swimmers in their LSC
    • Relay’s - clear relays with no errors. Relay with errors, check for missing swimmer, illegal swimmer, wrong age group swimmer. Contact host/team and get correct information
    • Review and follow the Times Best Practice Manual
    • Know the different rules for Approved and Observed meet
      • Send SWIMS – TIMES Committee chair all Approved meets for their approval
      • Send Suzzane Heath all Observed Meets information for approval
      • Post all Observed and Approved meets on the web page.
    • NCAA Meets -
      • You do not download these meets. They are sent directly to USA Swimming/NCAA Times person. Each College will be notified by USA/NCAA instructions.


  • Compile from the Times database – check for accuracy, any questions contact teams to make sure time is correct. If not, correct in the SWIMS/TIMES database.
  • Post Top Ten Times list for athletes at the end of each month
  • Post Top Times – SC – 8 and under, age groups, and senior. LC – age group and senior.


  • Work with Age Group Chair on all aspects of trip.
  • Application/code of Conduct paperwork. Distribution and posting
  • Budget for treasurer
  • Securing Hotel – rooms and any catering at the hotel.
  • Securing Transportation –
    • Ground – charter bus/vans
    • Airplane
  • Food – hotel/catering/bus travel
  • Oversee application process for Chaperones
  • Oversee application process for team selections


  • Main contact for Southeastern Swimming for Administrative issues,
  • Main contact for meet/contact clubs who are in need of instructions in the registration and sanctioning areas
  • Be on duty for any board requests, i.e. House of Delegate preparation. special projects, USA Swimming issues, requested
  • Work on getting on USA Swimming National Committee’s
  • Encourage other LSC members to get involved in USA Swimming Committee’s
  • Work with and communicate with other LSCs on issues involving times and
  • Work with and communicate with USA Swimming on issues involving times and registrations.
  • Forward communication to board members as directed, set up board and House of Delegates meeting reports
  • Buy and replenish all office supplies
  • Prepare materials for any LSC Workshops.
  • Edit current By-laws with any new legislation passed by USA Swimming.
  • Help with Policy and Procedures manuals maintenance.
  • Edit Policy and Procedures after LSC meeting to reflect passed legislation.
  • Aid in completing the LEAP level programs – 1, 2 3

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