Jul 16, 2021

Full time Shift Lead

  • Carbon County School District #1
  • Rawlins, WY, USA
Full time Pool Manager

Job Description

The Shift Lead’s responsibility is to assist the Aquatics Director and/or Assistant Aquatics Director in maintaining and the operations of Rawlins Aquatic Center Swimming Pools and perform related work.
1.      Reflect a positive attitude per the District Mission.
2.      Maintain positive, supportive relationships with district personnel, parents, and students.
3.      Be responsible for personal attendance and punctuality.
4.      Engage in further professional development and any other approved classes.
5.      Accept responsibility for the identified job description and continually strive to perform the highest quality work.
                        6.      Adhere to District policies.
                        7.      Foster emergencies immediately.
                        8.      Take action to address any repairs, equipment updates, and any other pool service necessary.
                        9.      Maintain confidentiality in all matters of the District.
            A.        Essential Functions:
                   1.      Maintenance/operation. Typical duties: operates, repairs, maintains, and cleans
                             mechanical equipment for pool operation, including water filtration and
                             chemical feeders, pumps, compressors, seals, vacuum equipment, and chlorine
                             metering devices; regulates water temperature and levels; determines and
                             implements preventive maintenance program for pool operation; operates and
                             maintains pool boiler system and participates in major repairs; restarts, reflags, and
                             resets pilot and electrical boiler system and system alarms; ensures non-mechanical
                             pool equipment meets code specifications; coordinates walk-through inspections of
                             pool facilities and takes necessary corrective action; oversees shut down for
                             annual and emergency maintenance procedures; monitors building operations and
                            insures sanitation codes are met; stores toxic chemicals; sanitizes swim decks and
                            and acid-washes pool, decks, gutters, and filters; vacuums pool floors; replaces
                            underwater lights.

  1. Safety. Typical duties:  submits water samples for health department testing; tests

and maintains pool chemical levels; tests and services safety equipment; administers
first aid, CPR, and automated external defibrillation (AED) when necessary; complies with health and safety codes.  Supervise students as determined necessary for student’s safety to maintain a safe environment.

  1. Administrative. Typical duties; prepares bid specifications for contracted work; prepares equipment specifications for purchases and bids; oversees and inspects contracted work; prepares and maintains work requests, facility reports, pool service, and other reports.  Manage, supervise and schedule use of District swimming pools.  Supervises Lifeguards and Aqua Instructor.       

B.       Non-Essential Functions:
1.     Accept other duties as assigned by Aquatic Director, which are aligned to District Policy.
2.     Other duties as assigned

Other opportunities with this position include coaching Middle School teams, High School teams, and with the Rawlins Rebels Swim Team 

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