Jul 29, 2021

Head Coach/Director of Competitive Swimming

  • SwimMAC Carolina
  • SwimMAC Carolina, Providence Road, Charlotte, NC, USA
Full time Head Coach

Job Description

Title: Head Coach/Director of Competitive Swimming

Department: Competitive Team

Incumbent’s Supervisor: Executive Director

Direct Reports: FT/PT Coaches and Auxiliary Staff as Assigned, Competitive Team Manager (CTM)

Development and Administration of the Program

  • Contribute to and advance the overall team philosophy on coaching, swimmer development and team dynamics.
  • Implement and improve the existing programs at the competitive and pre-competitive levels to attract and retain swimmers. Motivate and inspire swimmers to set, meet and surpass goals.
  • Develop, organize, oversee and staff practice groups for all levels of USA Swimming competitive swimming, including, but not limited to, the planning of swim practice dates, times, routines, and schedules as well as the assignment of coaches to the various practice groups, avoiding unplanned cancelations and staffing shortages.
  • Establish an inclusive environment that encourages self-discipline, sportsmanship, accountability responsibility and constructive feedback.
  • Develop and implement team and individual goals with swimmers and monitor their progress, including formal written and/or verbal feedback.
  • Develop and implement, Coach’s Awards and Recognition Program.
  • Establish and oversee the decorum to be observed during swim meets and practice sessions and communicate those standards to the coaches and swimmers.
  • In partnership with the ED, establish and administer disciplinary policies in accordance with Safe Sport.
  • Determine the personnel requirements and hire, with the approval of the ED, coaches to fill needs.
  • In partnership with the ED, develop a process for private lessons and assignments of staff accordingly.
  • Oversee recruiting process: provide support for interested and eligible student athletes by connecting swimmers with colleges and universities and assisting families during the college recruitment process in partnership with Senior Division coaching staff.
  • In partnership with the Strength Coach, develop and carry out “dry-land” strength-training that will complement water training, to help swimmers reach their potential.
  • Delegate and then oversee the recruiting of new swimmers onto the competitive team.

Team Travel

  • Support CTM and coach in charge (CIC) to ensure team travel goals are met.
    • Coordinate all team travel arrangements; Selection of transportation and Including family room blocks.
    • Supervision of staff and with an USAS Safe Sport
    • Swimmer’s follow and sign code of
    • Pre -informational meetings for parents and swimmers with a focus on travel plans as well as USAS Safe Sport and Code of Conduct
  • Create a budget for the specific Present the budget for prior approval by the ED.




Administration of Coaching Staff and Practice Groups

  • Lead and perform coaching responsibilities for the assigned practice group.
  • Prepare written job descriptions describing the duties and responsibilities for each group coach.
  • Prepare and submit to the ED, written, semiannual performance reviews and annual compensation reviews for all coaches, which will be maintained in personnel files.
  • Develop and publish a seasonal practice and meet calendar in a timely manner. Communicate team room blocks to parents.
  • Train, supervise, assign, and instruct all staff and assistant coaches.
  • Responsible for maintaining and ensuring all necessary coaching certifications for self and coaches are up to date.
  • Develop, organize, administer, and conduct the practices for assigned practice group.
  • Provide on-deck training and supervision of practice sessions on a routine basis.
  • Communicate the training objectives and plans to the coaching staff through staff meetings and/or in writing.
  • Maintain an up-to-date understanding of the latest coaching techniques through research and continuing education.
  • Develop training objectives for all practice groups which are aimed at providing each swimmer the opportunity to achieve his or her short-term and long-term potential consistent with his or her desire and motivation.
  • Evaluate swimmer skill level initially and periodically to ensure proper placement in swimming group. Establish and publish the requirements, in terms of age, ability, terms, and commitment, for admission and participation in the appropriate practice group.
  • Understand and monitor roster group numbers monthly and as part of the annual registration process to ensure enrollment goals are met and maintained.
  • Present recommendations to the ED on equipment purchases.
  • Present recommendations to the ED regarding the coach-to-swimmer ratio including swimmers per lane, for the purpose of acquiring additional facilities or equipment.


Culture, Relationships and Mentoring

  • Build team spirit and enthusiasm. Build and maintain a team culture that encourages every swimmer to thrive in the sport, motivates swimmers to achieve their highest potential, in and out of the pool, and engages the parents and community in support of the team mission and vision.
  • Committed to development of coaches through creation and implementation of: new coach onboarding program. coach mentor program, coach development program and coach recognition program.
  • Be present across all practice groups at assigned location. And intermittently at other locations.
  • To plan, administer, and supervise a parent education program that communicates to parents the program objectives and the progress of their swimmer(s) by but not limited to:
    • Conduct semi-annual meetings with parents of the various practice groups to educate and inform parents and resolve grievances, explain rules, regulations and discuss concerns off the deck.
    • Build and maintain strong relationships with all club members and parents.


General Administrative Functions

  • Prepare and submit to the Board a monthly report which evaluates the effectiveness of the goals, objectives, plans, techniques, pool usage, coaches’ time, etc., and identifies changes to achieving the training objectives.
  • Participate and attend Board meetings as a non-voting member of the Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws.
  • Generate an operating expense budget for presentation to the ED for inclusion in the annual budget.
    • Adhere to the operating expenses of the annual budget.
  • Select and standards (subject to ED approval) for team uniforms, related team wear and training equipment.
  • Assist ED in revisions/updating of the team brochure and recruitment
  • Assist the ED in obtaining grants and sponsorships as needed.
  • Represent the club at local and USA Swimming
  • Support the ED in the process to recognize and respond to any Safe Sport issues that arise.
  • Participate and engage in USAS and LSC meetings and planning sessions.
  • Develop and implement a communication plan to accomplish the following:
    • Swimming Education & Resources
    • Swim Meet Preparedness
    • Swim Meet Details
    • Practice Schedules
    • Season Schedules
    • Website Maintenance and Resource Repository
  • Participate in long-term, strategic planning of the organization.
  • Communicate with facility staff and adhere to facility use requirements.  Promote and enforce adherence by all members. Submit required documentation to the facility.
  • Be punctual and timely in meeting job performance requirements, including but not limited to, attendance and tardiness standards and work deadlines. 
  • Respond to and resolve HR related matters amongst staff in partnership with the ED.
  • Maintain regular and timely communication with parents and
  • Maintain regular and timely communication with staff (both team and non-competitive).
  • Participation in clinics and other continuing education opportunities for purposes of learning new instruction techniques, teaching sessions, speaking engagements and best practices regarding swimming and development.
  • Ensure coaches and parent handbooks remain up to date.
  • Develop and maintain an annual timeline for key duties and activities.
  • Perform other tasks and duties as required by the ED in furtherance of SwimMAC goals.

Leadership Skills and Qualities

  • Clear, cooperative and tactful communication style
  • Strong personal values including honesty, respect and integrity
  • Self-awareness and self-regulating
  • Self motivated
  • Empathetic
  • Manages relationships
  • Holds self and others to high standards, fosters a culture of accountability
  • Health and safety are key priorities
  • Innovative
  • Committed to a team atmosphere versus individual achievement


Education, Certifications and Experience  

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Prefer 5 yrs. + experience as a Head Coach
  • ASCA Certified, Level 5 preferred
  • All USA Swimming Coach certification requirements including First Aid, CPR, Coach’s Safety Training, and coach education.  Must be able to pass background check.
  • Strong coaching acumen, including solid knowledge of stroke technique and training physiology
  • Experience leading and mentoring assistant coaching staff
  • High energy level demonstrated by engagement of coaches, swimmers, volunteers, and families
  • Enjoys working with all-ages of swimmers and families
  • Ability to engage community members on the virtues and benefits of swimming; serves as a Brand Ambassador for SwimMAC.
  • Ability to recruit and attract coaches, volunteers, sponsors, swimmers
  • Has excitement for each group and level at each site; desire to help each swimmer achieve their best potential
  • Proven success coaching, motivating and inspiring swimmers at all levels
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Passion and enthusiasm for competitive swimming and youth mentoring
  • Personal desire to succeed professionally and advance the team as a whole
  • Experience with HyTek and Team Unify
  • Legal authority to work in the United States and able to pass background checks.


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