Aug 23, 2018

Head Swim Coach

  • Franklin Area Swim Team
  • Murrysville, PA, USA
Full time Head Coach

Job Description

The Franklin Area Swim Team (FAST), located outside of Pittsburgh PA is seeking qualified applicants for a Head Coach position. This position will be responsible for being the “face” of the organization providing structure, philosophy and leadership.  We are looking for a candidate seeking a candidate that has vision, knowledge, and experience to propel the program to a new level of excellence.

Our Core Value

Athlete Centered, Coach Driven & Board Supported

Our mission is to provide an environment that encourages, enables and inspires excellence through hard work and constant, never-ending improvement in swimming and in life.

Our Core Values: Teamwork / Development / Commitment / Leadership / Excellence.

Our Core Objectives: Build the Base / Promote the Sport / Achieve Competitive Success.

Our Strategies: Build / Promote / Achieve:  Olympic Clinic Hosted by FAST.  Follow up with newsletter and implementation of skills and approach into our practices.


Head Coach Duties:

  • Establish and maintain relationships and open communication with swimmers and parents
  • Manage, run and/or delegate running of daily practices.
  • Meet with the Assistant Coaches to outline practice sessions, meet schedules, and to discuss problems or opportunities. These meetings should also ensure that the management of the program remains united with one direction, your direction.
  • Create a positive team-oriented atmosphere
  • Provide planning and growth plans to ensure the future of the organization in a rapidly changing world. Essentially, this Team is yours to run as we are eager for new philosophies and ideas.



  • College Degree (preferred)
  • Competitive Swimming Experience (required)
  • Swim Coaching Experience
  • Candidates must possess integrity, strong communications skills; and a passion for helping swimmers maximize their potential.


  • Salary or hourly pay will vary depending on qualifications and experience

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