Jul 05, 2023


  • 2975 Union Road, Paso Robles, CA, USA
Part time Head Coach

Job Description

North County Aquatics (NCA) is a nonprofit,
parent board managed, community-based swim club. The club swims at Paso Robles Sport Club
located in Paso Robles, CA.. We practice year-round and participate in USA Swimming short
and long course competitions. NCA is open to swimmers of all ages and ability levels.
NCA has been operating  for more than 45 years.
North County Aquatics Mission is to develop and promote competitive swimming for all ages and
abilities. We aim to have a unique effect on encouraging a lifestyle of health and
fitness by developing athletes with high self-esteem, respect, and sportsmanship that
may better serve our sport, our community of San Luis Obispo County. We encourage swimmers to set challenging goals for themselves and for their team. 

NCA is currently seeking one qualified applicant to serve as the Head
Coach. NCA is an age group program with  Little Dragons, White, Blue, Bronze, Silver, and Gold groups.
Little Dragons and White Dragons are the younger athletes learning techniques to participate at swim meets. Blue, Bronze and Silver groups are primarily athletes ages 12 and younger. The
Gold/Senior group is comprised of primarily athletes ages 12-18. The Head Coach
will be primarily working with the Bronze and Gold groups.

The Head Coach is responsible for leading, coaching, and overall
program management of NCA. This position requires approximately 15 hours per week
pool time, both seasonal morning and year-round evening practices, and an
additional 5-10 hours per week of administrative time.

1. Always conduct a professional manner and abide by the rules of USA
Swimming and facilities where the team is involved.

2. Hold and maintain all certifications required for coaching credentials under
USA Swimming coaching rules and regulations.

3. Coordinate NCA’s competitive swim program to include participation and
coordination in membership, attendance, and other administrative activities
as outlined in coaching agreement.

4. Plan and schedule NCA’s swim practices and meets for the year subject to the
approval of the Board.

5. Coordinate and support a dry land program.

6. Assist in NCA fundraising, marketing, recruiting, team activities, and
community events to promote NCA’s swim program.

7. Schedule and run an annual Swim-A-Thon which includes coordinating pool
schedules, staffing, marketing, and registration.

8. Hire, supervise, train, and work closely with the assistant and junior coaches of

9. Organize and conduct coaches' meetings and communications.

10. Send regular communications to team regarding updates, swim meets,
practice times, and team events.
11. Coordinate administration of entries for swim meets. 
12. Attend NCA’s Board meetings, North County Aquatics Swimming Inc. meetings, and USA
Swimming meetings as appropriate.

13. Act as a liaison between NCA and Paso Robles Sports Club training facility.

14. Recognize that NCA welcomes swimmers of all levels and works to help bring
them to their fullest potential.

15. Help each swimmer develop short and long-range goals and motivate them
to reach their goals.

16. Attend swim meets approved by the Board or assign an assistant coach to
attend approved swim meets. Must be able to travel to away meets.

● Must be able to obtain and maintain a USA Swimming Coaches Membership
and their requirements to include Safety Training for Swim Coaches,
CPR/AED, Safe Sport, and concussion certifications.

● Must be able to pass a pre-employment and periodic background checks as
required by USA Swimming and Safe Sport.

● Must be able to obtain ASCA Level 2 certification or above.

● Excellent written and oral communication skills.

● A college degree and previous competitive swimming and/or coaching
experience are preferred, but not required.

Pay is based on swim team numbers. The Paso Robles Sports Club gets 50% of club dues and the other 50% goes to paying coaches. NCA fundraising pays Head Coach a Consulting Fee, phone stipend, pays for swim meets, hotels, travel expenses, etc..
Coaches will be compensated for traveling to meets. Professional
(certification) costs and continuing education (certifications, clinics, etc.) may be
compensated with board approval. All NCA coaches are strongly encouraged to
continue their professional development.

Please submit a resume with references and a cover letter to:
Heather Moffitt  heather3131@outlook.com  #805-286-6982

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