Aug 02, 2023

Head Coach USA Competitive Swim Team

  • Coeur d Alene Area Swim Team
  • Coeur d'Alene, ID, USA
Full time Head Age Group Coach

Job Description

CAST is looking for a motivated, enthusiastic, and highly skilled Head Swim Coach to provide the necessary
leadership to plan, organize, be responsible for the day to day operation of the swim team, and to carry out the
objectives of the club. The Head Coach is expected to have had previous successful coaching experience and
experience in participating in the sport. Qualified candidates should possess strong communication, organizational,
motivational, teaching, and coaching skills. This person should be a person of high character and values that will set
a positive example for all athletes of the Coeur d’Alene Area Swim Team.
Essential Job Functions:
This list of essential job functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.
● Demonstrate knowledge of fundamentals of swimming, practice organization, rules, safety, and team
● Teach the fundamentals of swimming.
● Teach appreciation of rules and regulations, care of equipment and facilities, sportsmanship, respect for
others, and safety.
● Build and sustain a successful program that garners both financial and community support and is respected
by the North Idaho community and surrounding areas.
● Ability to organize and supervise a team program.
● Ability to organize and demonstrate skills to both assistant coaches and athletes.
● Ability to set priorities, meet deadlines, make sound decisions, attention to detail, and follow through on a
variety of assigned tasks including special assignments and other duties as assigned or required by the
CAST Board of Directors
● Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to implement effective coaching theory, strategies, and techniques
appropriate for all athletes to prepare athletes for levels of competition.
● Ability to relate to and motivate athletes of varying abilities, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds to
instill commitment, discipline, and teamwork.
● Conduct self in an ethical and professional manner, model positive behavior during practices and meets;
model required discipline and ethical behavior for athletes.
● Encourage and recognize positive conduct of athletes at all team sponsored activities.
● Model sportsmanlike conduct in dealing with officials and opponents regardless of the circumstances.
● Responsible for the supervision of all athletes under their care, and take all necessary and reasonable
precautions to protect athletes, equipment, materials, and facilities.
● Maintain good public relations and communication with media, parents, officials, athletes, sponsors, etc.
● Assist in upholding and enforcing team rules, regulations, and board policies.
● Ability to handle confidential matters and information in a professional manner.
● Ability to work independently within the parameters of the job and maintain a consistent presence at the
assigned work site(s) and work the regular work hours specified by the contract.
● Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with athletes, parents, staff, and CAST Board of
● Maintain documentation to fulfill USA Swimming requirements and coaching certification.

Desired Skills:
● 5 years of coaching experience in a Club setting (preferred), K-12 school setting, or college setting.
● Ability to analyze the athlete performances and to create appropriate training sessions that reflect those
● Allow involvement and decision-making of athletes to the degree appropriate.
● Ability to use different platforms of technology to positively promote CAST
● Ability to use the Team Unify system to register athletes for events, communicate with team and track
athletes (performance, attendance, etc.)
● Integrates technology into planning, learning, and record-keeping activities.
Minimum Qualifications:
● Required to have or obtain a current lifeguarding certification
● Required to have or obtain a current First Aid/CPR card.
● Successful USA Swimming background check.
● Appropriate certification as determined by USA Swimming.
● Knowledge, compliance and commitment to Safe Sport regulations.
● Valid driver’s license or evidence of mobility.
● Completion of all required training and certifications within thirty (30) calendar days from hire date.

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