Oct 11, 2023

Pre-Competitive Program Director

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  • Huntersville, NC, USA
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Job Description

Job Title:

Auxiliary Program Director-North


Incumbent’s Supervisor/Title:

North Site Supervisor


Compensations Salary Range: $38,000-$48,000

Position Purpose:

The Auxiliary Program Director-North is responsible for the leadership, supervision, marketing and direction of the Junior Swim League, Teen Fit and Home School program at the north location.


Essential Job Tasks:


Program Supervision


1.    Abide by the American Swimming Coaches Association Code of Ethics, the USA Swimming Code of Conduct, the SwimMAC Code of Conduct and SwimMAC policies and procedures.


2.    Be a positive role model for young people by demonstrating SwimMAC Values (Teamwork, Commitment, Integrity, Development, Leadership and Excellence).


3.    Hire, train, supervise, and mentor members of the JSL instructors/coaching staff (Deck Managers and instructors), Teen Fit and Home School program instructors. Maintain open communication with all SwimMAC staff members including Auxiliary Program Director for the Latin location.


4.    The Director ensures that all staff members are current in their training and certification requirements and that current documentation is in their personnel files. Ensure that any 18-under employee has completed the required NC Department of Labor Youth Employment Certificate prior to employment.


5.    Regularly analyze and evaluate the JSL program, Teen Fit, and Home School programs, including staffing needs, staff performance, structure and policies to enhance annual program goals.  Lead staff in accomplishing these goals.


6.    The Director oversees the scheduling and staffing of all JSL, Teen Fit and Home School classes.


7.    Manage the JSL, Teen Fit and Home School schedule due to individual facility use schedule or conflicts, such as Davidson College basketball games and communicate to Deck Manager.


8.    Provide day-to-day management of the Auxiliary Programs.


9.    Use Jack Rabbit software for registration of all classes.


10. Communicate with SwimMAC webmaster for enrollment information and provide necessary links from Jack Rabbit.


11. Develop and manage the payroll for JSL, Teen Fit and Home School instructors.


12. In the event of a staff member’s poor performance, the Director is responsible for documenting the performance, reiterating performance expectations, and ultimately deciding to retain or terminate the staff member.


13. Work with SwimMAC site coaches and Marlin Division coaches to establish annual program goals. Lead staff in accomplishing these goals.


14. Proactively develop JSL session dates and practice schedules for approval by Regional Manager.


15. Plan, prepare, and conduct (as needed) practice sessions according to JSL program objectives, guidelines, and policies.  See JSL Handbook.


16. Participate in the swimmer placement process with the Marlin and Dolphin division Coaches for fall session and determine tryout dates / times for all other sessions. 


17. Closely monitor and analyze the online registration process to determine additional marketing / advertising needs, class sizes, including adding or combining classes. Maintain waiting lists.


18. Serve as JSL swim meet director, prepare meet entries, and communicate swim meet to parents.


19. Ensure instructors maintain swimmer attendance records.


20. At the end of each session oversee swimmer evaluations and recommendations for swimmers next placement.  Know the space available for the competitive team.


21. Throughout each session evaluate swimmers that might be ready for the year-round team and begin discussions with parents to recruit to the team.


22. Work with North Site Supervisor and Head of Business Management to manage budget regarding income, payroll and expenses.


23. Ensure JSL, Teen Fit and Home School, deck managers, parents and swimmers abide by respective facility rules and facility use policies.


24. Regularly report to work as scheduled.



Program Retention and Recruitment


1.    Develop a timeline and marketing/advertising plan to promote JSL throughout schools (public, private, and homeschool), summer swim leagues, and the SwimMAC swim school. Promote JSL and maintain contact lists to promote JSL.


2.    Determine potential SwimMAC team members and discuss SwimMAC opportunities with parents.  Assign this responsibility to JSL and Teen Fit instructors as needed.


3.    Answer questions from prospective parents.


4.    Ensure that swimmers are enjoying the JSL, Teen Fit and Home School experience through engaged learning and swimming.


5.    Work with Swim School Site coordinator for smooth transition for children moving from lessons to JSL.  For swimmers who are assigned to the year-round team, work with Marlin division coaches to ensure smooth transitions from JSL to the year-round team.


Parent Communication and Education


1.    Be available to parents during published and posted SwimMAC office hours.

2.    Professionally respond to parent phone calls and emails as outlined in the SwimMAC Policy and Procedures Manual.

3.    Inform parents regarding potential program changes prior to conversation with the swimmer.

4.    Contact parent(s) if the swimmer is absent for one week without notification.


Other Duties and Responsibilities


1.    Order t-shirts and caps from the Store Manager and distribute t-shirts and caps to swimmers.


2.    Perform other duties / responsibilities as assigned.



Job Qualifications:

·         College Degree (Preferred)

·         Minimum four years experience teaching/coaching swimming including teaching technique and the development of swimming skills (Preferred).

·         Demonstrated strong interpersonal and communication skills.

·         Computer proficiency including the use of e-Mail, Internet Navigation, Microsoft Office Software and Jack Rabbit.


License and Certification Requirements:

·         USA Swimming Coach (Become a USA Swimming member coach within six months of starting the job)

·         American Swimming Coach Association Membership (Preferred)

·         Valid Drivers License

·         Ability to work in U.S.



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