Jan 08, 2024

Aquatics Director

  • Beech Bend Park & Splash Lagoon
  • Bowling Green, KY, USA
Seasonal Aquatic Director

Job Description

Beech Bend Park, Inc. Seeking

Full-time Aquatics Director for Splash Lagoon

Role, Duties, and Responsibilities


Basic Job Summary:

Performs administrative and supervisory duties in directing all facets of lifeguards, aquatic maintenance, groundskeeping, and aquatic programs. Responsible for the safety of all employees, waterpark guests, and the training of all aquatic employees. Supervise all aquatic employees and provide feedback on job performance. Supervise the daily operation of the operations in regards to the lifeguards’ rotations, breaks, training, and performance. Supervise and manage all health department codes and daily maintenance tasks. Manage all issues that arise involving maintenance, employee, or guest complaints, compliments, or injuries. Reviewing employees’ schedules to ensure the best possible coverage is maintained and Kentucky Child Labor Laws are followed. Training, supervision, hiring/evaluating of lifeguards, lifeguard managers, slide attendants, and supervisors.

What duties and responsibilities will I spend most time doing?

Supervising staff and performing opening and closing operational maintenance work, including inspections, cleaning filters, skimming and vacuuming pools, and other tasks needed to operate a safe, clean park in compliance with all health department codes. Performing daily safety inspections of slides, attractions, towers/brides/pool equipment, and concrete decks. Maintain all lifeguard rescue tubes, oxygen tanks, AED, first aid supplies, training equipment, and lifeguard rescue equipment.

Coordinating schedules, rotations, and activities of aquatic staff that include daily assignments, breaks, park cleanliness, completion of work, training in lifesaving skills, training on equipment, and mechanical skills. Manage all issues that arise involving maintenance, employee, or guest complaints, compliments, or injuries.

Additional Responsibilities:

Hiring of around 100 aquatic employees will include swim tests, interviews, hiring packets, and refer candidates to drug testing and fingerprinting. Assisting human resources with payroll as needed. Training of all lifeguards and slide attendants. Lifeguards go through a 24-hour training class and maintain 4 hours of in-service training monthly—one hour per week. Supervise all daily operations, starting from in-service training in the morning to cleaning the park at night. Ensure all employees are on task and performing, county and state codes are followed, pool chemistry and cleanliness are maintained, and repair or replace any maintenance issues that arose during the day. Landscaping of trees and bushes when needed.

Titles of individuals you will supervise:

Lifeguards, slide attendants, and lifeguard managers.

Additional off-season duties:

Maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of facilities and aquatic equipment. Maintaining pool motors and pumps, filtration systems, cabanas, umbrellas, and other furniture and equipment. Performing plumbing repairs, concrete repairs, pool repairs, replacing joint sealer as needed, prime/paint/resurface pools, repair/replace chemical feeders, fiberglass and gel coat repairs, motor replacement, rust treatment, structural repairs to bridges, towers, buildings, and decks, performing maintenance on motors and pumps, and helping out with other facility and ride maintenance projects.

What knowledge, skills, and abilities are needed to perform the above work?

Supervisory and management skills that provide effective communication and feedback. Instructional and teaching abilities: must be able to instruct employee classes of up to 30 people and manage time effectively. Swimming, CPR, first aid, oxygen, AED, bloodborne pathogens, spinal management, and aquatic rescue management skills. Pool operator’s certification and knowledge of health codes and regulations are required. Basic mechanical skills. Must be punctual and dependable.


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