Jan 09, 2024

Age Group Coach - H2O Swim Team

  • H2O Swim Team
  • Santa Monica, CA, USA
Part time Age Group Coach

Job Description

H2O Swim Team is located in Santa Monica, California. We are currently looking for a qualified, part-time Age Group Swim Coach who’s enthusiastic, patient and enjoys working with children. The ideal candidate will help the Head Coach maintain a supportive and safe learning environment for swimmers of multiple ages and experience levels. The assistant coach must also possess excellent interpersonal skills that will enable them to communicate effectively with a diverse group of individuals including the swimmers, their families, coaching staff, and pool facility management.

* High School Diploma
* Minimum of two years experience working with youth swimmers
* USA Swimming Membership (prior to hiring)
* Background check (prior to hiring)
* Maintain a professional conduct at all times
* Contribute with new ideas that benefit the team and help us grow
* Be willing to learn more and grow

* Paid professional development through clinics and seminars all over the U.S.
* Yearly raise, based on performance
* Promotion, based on work ethic

Starting at $28-$30/hour which can be higher based on experience and qualification

Work Schedule:
The work schedule will consist of afternoons and weekends, requiring a minimum commitment of 20 hours for coaching and 10 hours for administrative duties per week. Please note that this does not include one weekend per month for a swim meet.

To apply, please email your resume to h2oswimteaminfo@gmail.com. Additionally, submitting reference letters alongside your resume is highly recommended.

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