Jan 20, 2024

Summer Swim Team Assistant Coach

  • Hunting Hills Hammerheads Swim Team
  • Hunting Hills Swim Club, Nottingham Road, Baltimore, MD, USA
Seasonal Assistant Coach

Job Description

Hunting Hills Swim Club is seeking inspiring and energetic assistant coaches with excellent
leadership, communication, and team building skills to support the club's growing swim team
and head coach. Candidates should be passionate about growing and developing the swim
program, creating team spirit and sense of community amongst our swimmers.

In addition to a passion for the sport of swimming, the ideal candidate will have experience with
coaching younger children, a drive to encourage and challenge our swimmers to be the best
they can be, and a commitment to supporting our swim team directors, volunteers and families
with their positivity and professionalism.

The coaching staff guides swimmers of all skill levels in stroke mechanics, starts and turns, and
competition technique. Swimmers are given instruction in strokes including freestyle,
backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke. A strong emphasis is placed on sportsmanship, team
spirit, and teammate support.

Responsibilities include:

  • Establishing a safe environment that fosters positive team attitude while teaching
    self-discipline, sportsmanship, responsibility, and respect.
  • Coordinating with the head coach to implement a swim training program that is technically, age, and developmentally appropriate, for both water and dryland training, which allows swimmers of different abilities to reach their highest potential while considering all learning styles.
  • Teaching swim team members the basics of swimming and ensuring that sufficient, age/skill appropriate training occurs.
  • Communicating and working effectively with the head coach, other coaches, parents of swimmers, swim team manager, and board of directors liaison, regarding all matters of the club.
  • Demonstrating mature judgment, reliability, availability, and ethical behavior including punctuality, confidentiality, positive and constructive feedback, and the ability to function in a multi-task environment.
  • Being a positive role model, maintaining high ethical and moral standards, and adhering
    to CMSL Swimming Coach’s Code of conduct.
  • Set-up and break-down of practices and meets, including but not limited to line lanes,
    moving chairs, setting up tents.

Flexible working hours include nights and weekends:

  • Daily practices Memorial Day through July 31
    • M/Tu/W/Th/F Morning Practices (8am - 10am starting in mid-June)
    • M/Tu/Th Evening Practices (5:45pm - 7pm)
  • Pre-season parent night (first Thursday of pool open week)
  • Attending swim meets during the season which occur on Saturday mornings
    during the months of June and July (travel required for up to 4 meets)
  • Attending one weekday swim meet (travel required)
  • Attending the Divisionals meet on the last Saturday in July (travel required)
  • Awards banquet (day after Divisionals)


  • Obtain AAU Swimming certification and coaching requirements by May 20, 2024
    (Hunting Hills Swim Club will reimburse).
  • Obtain Lifeguard Certification (including CPR, Safety Training for Swim Coaches, First Aid)
    by May 20, 2024
  • Be able to motivate swimmers of all abilities to achieve their full potential.
  • Have excellent interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills.

Interested candidates may submit questions to swimteamhhsc@gmail.com.

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