Mar 17, 2024

Head Coach

  • Bend Swim Club
  • Bend, OR, USA
Full time Head Coach

Job Description

Position Title: Head Coach
Club: Bend Swim Club (BEND)
Location: Bend, Oregon 
Reports To: Board of Directors

The Bend Swim Club (BEND) is a year-round USA Swimming competitive swim team located in the desirable heart of the High Desert in Central Oregon. BSC offers high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities ranging from elementary through high school. We are a Silver Level Club in USA Swimming’s Club Excellence Program. We currently have approximately 150+ swimmers that train out of our indoor/outdoor 50 meter pool. We are located at Juniper Swim and Fitness Center facility in our midtown Bend location. We are a non-profit, board-governed, coach-led team that has been building Champions in and out of the water since 1963.

The ideal candidate has proven experience at the head or assistant-head coach position at a USA Swimming-affiliated club; leads the organization as an effective swim-skills educator,  is committed to ensuring the effective training of athletes at all levels of the team (either directly or through the coach-hired staff), and is committed to ensuring a culture of excellence in all areas of athlete’s lives (e.g. in practice, at dryland training, in school, and as teammates).  The ideal candidate strives to stay up-to-date with innovation in technology and coaching approaches to ensure that BSC and its athletes are training at the highest levels possible, and is committed to collaborative, healthy relationships with parents and the volunteer-run board.   
The Head Coach oversees all aspects of our competitive swim program including directing coaching responsibilities. The head coach will deliver a progressive curriculum of technique and training in a safe, healthy, positive, and passionate environment grounded in responsibility and accountability.  The Head Coach will emphasize the importance of sportsmanship amongst athletes ensuring the development of a strong team culture.  The overall objective of the position is to continue to guide and grow a USA Swimming Program that produces the highest attainable levels of competitive excellence in individual and team performance, while fostering a positive environment that fulfills BSC goals and vision. It is expected that the head coach will foster positive relationships, mentor as appropriate, and communicate well with their coaching staff in conjunction with the Board of Directors.

General Duties

The Head Coach of Bend Swim Club, Inc. is responsible for the overall management and development of the Club’s swimmers. The Head Coach partners with the Board of Directors to develop and implement the Club’s policies and procedures. The Head Coach exercises supervision over assistant coaches and staff. The Head Coach works closely with the Board of Directors and serves as the liaison between the Board of Directors and assistant coaches and staff.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or comparable professional experience
  • At least 10 years of advanced coaching experience, preferably in a club environment  with a proven experience with swimmer development.
  • Managerial and personnel supervisory  experience. 
  • Possession of (or ability to obtain within six months of employment) a valid Oregon driver’s license.
  • Legal authority to work in the USA. 
  • Must maintain current certifications in CPR, first aid, and coach’s safety training, and other certifications recognized by USA Swimming and the US Center for SafeSport and/or required by the Board of Directors. 
  • Equivalent of ASCA Level 4 or higher preferred, all levels are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Familiarity with Oregon Swimming meet invitation processes is a plus.


  • Ability to plan, organize, and direct swimming operations,  including swim meets. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills both via presentation to large audiences as well as small group and 1:1 interpersonal communication.
  • Ability to prepare clear and concise reports including the preparation of an annual  budget in partnership with the treasurer for board approval.
  • Ability to lead, supervise, and mentor assistant coaches and staff. Evaluate assistant coaches and staff on a biannual basis.
  • Ability to identify and respond to Board of Director concerns and needs.
  • Experience with TeamUnify required.  Experience with HyTek, Team Manager, Meet Manager, and other industry platforms preferred. 

Essential Functions

The essential duties and responsibilities of the Head Coach include, without limitation, the following:

A. Responsibilities to the General BSC Community 

  • Develop (in consultation with the Board of Directors and the Club’s budget) group structures, required equipment, practice schedules and meet schedules.
  • Select (in consultation with the Board of Directors) all assistant coaches, staff, and outside training coaches, including but not limited to dryland/strength, sports medicine, sports psychology specialist, nutrition specialist, etc.
  • Manage, hire, and discipline (if necessary) coaches/staff (in consultation with the Board of Directors and in compliance with the Club’s Employee Handbook), including designation of coaching assignments for practices and meets.
  • Participate in the annual budget process and budget administration.
  • Identify and make recommendations (in consultation with the Board of Directors) regarding team vendors and equipment providers. Vendor and equipment providers will be selected and retained by the Board of Directors.
  • Maintain knowledge of and compliance with the Athlete and Parent Codes of Conduct ("COC"), including ensuring all athletes and parents are familiar with and have agreed to be guided by the COCs.
  • Maintain knowledge of and compliance with USA Swimming/Oregon Swimming, Inc. rules and regulations.
  • Maintain knowledge of and compliance with the Safe Sport Act and Center for SafeSport.
  • Maintain knowledge of and compliance with all Juniper Swim & Fitness Center facility rules and regulations.
  • Assist in being a liaison between the Club and Juniper Swim & Fitness Center; and participate in negotiations regarding lane use and fees.
  • Assist in being a liaison between the Club and local high school swimming programs.
    Coordinate and direct all Club hosted swim meets, events, and banquets.
  • Maintain excellent and regular communication with coaches, staff, Board of Directors, and other key stakeholders as appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with Oregon swimming coaches.
  • Maintain an up-to-date understanding of the latest coaching techniques and technologies through research and continuing education. Regularly incorporate these techniques and technologies into training sessions. 
  • Serve as the on-deck lead coach for the BSC’s top-level group with the intention of advancing each swimmer’s abilities in order to ensure they reach their full potential and meet their personal goals.
  • Maintain regular and timely communications with swimmers, parents, coaches, and board members.  This includes hosting quarterly parent meetings to educate and inform parents of the ways they can most effectively support their swimmer’s goals. 
  • Maintain “office hours” to confer with swimmers, parents, and other key
    stakeholders to resolve grievances, explain rules and regulations, and discuss concerns off the deck.
  • Support Board and parent volunteer committees with club growth opportunities and fundraising initiatives.
  • Prioritize and seek out high-quality meets to attend ensuring appropriate and aspirational levels of challenge for each training group.  Ideally, BSC swimmers will have the opportunity to compete at least 1-2x/month at a USA Swimming-sanctioned event.
  • Develop and implement growth & marketing strategies in partnership with the Board of Directors.
  • In coordination with the Board of Directors and volunteer sub-committees, organize travel trips, team spirit parties, team dinners and social functions. 
  • Maintain and increase overall club participation, including participation at the highest levels of the sport. (i.e., Oregon State Championships, Age Group Zone Championships, Futures, USAS Junior Nationals, USAS Nationals, and Olympic Trials).

B.  Responsibilities to the Board of Directors

  • Prepare and provide reports to the Board of Directors, including, without limitation, the following: (a) status report of new swimming members; (b) status report of the number of swimming members; (c) schedule of meets and any updated changes; (d) highlight of upcoming and past meet/events; (e) meet entry report; (f) report and/or request any equipment or supply updates or repairs needed; and (g) updates on coach/staff performance expectations and development plans.
  • Conduct regular coach/staff meetings and facilitate compliance with Employee Handbook. 
    Conduct assistant coach (and staff) goal settings (including education, and biannual performance reviews.
  • Assist the Board of Directors with development and management of the Club’s website.
  • Assist the Board of Directors with club wide SafeSport education and compliance.
    Perform such other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Board of Directors from time to time. 
  • The Head Coach is expected to attend as a non-voting member all working and public board sessions.
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings with Board Liaison to ensure proactive communication between Head Coach and Board in service of ensuring the smooth operations of BSC, Inc.

C. Responsibilities to Swimmers

  • Enforce the Code of Conduct and Good Sportsmanship.
  • Act as a role model and ensure a safe and positive environment.
  • Ensure swimmers are treated fairly, respectfully, and consistently in a manner adherent with the policies set forth by BSC, Inc. 
  • Ensure regular and proactive recognition of achievements by athletes (e.g. personal goals achieved, time standards met, records broken, podium place achievement, etc.) including the creation, communication, and execution of incentive and season-specific award programs.
  • Ensure workouts and stroke fundamentals are effective for all groups.
  • Develop and maintain workouts that are effective for all groups.
  • Ensure endurance, strength, and competitive knowledge is taught in all groups.
  • Ensure conferences are conducted with swimmers nine years of age and older at least 1x/season regarding skills, progress, and goals with both the Head Coach and their training-level coach.  Unless otherwise indicated, each athlete’s caregivers should be encouraged to attend these meetings for informational purposes (i.e. the athlete’s development stage should be considered in guiding parents’ level of active participation in these meetings).
  • Maintain clear, concise, and regular communication with swimmers and parents via email, apps (e.g. BAND, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and the BSC website. 
  • Develop and carry out seasonal training plans, including “dry-land” strength and flexibility training that will complement water training, to help swimmers reach their potentials. 
  • Facilitate additional training focused on building skills foundational to success in and out of the water including social-emotional/psychological training (e.g. mindfulness, positive self-talk, visualization, self-soothing, goal setting, etc.), daily life skills training (e.g. nutrition at a meet/daily life, sleep hygiene, etc.), and appropriate educational training based on swimmer developmental age (e.g. college recruitment process, what to expect at your first meet, etc.) with support from BSC Volunteer Community and broader Bend, OR community.  
  • Ensure appropriate swimmers have every opportunity to achieve acceptance into Regional and National meets. 
  • Assist and guide Senior level swimmers with regards to the collegiate swimming process. 

D. Responsibilities for Swim Meets

  • Develop a meet schedule in consultation with the Board of Directors that is appropriate for all level swimmers and within budget.
  • Coordinate and direct all BSC hosted swim meets.
  • Timely provide Meet Entry information.
  • Complete, review for correctness, submit, and coordinate all meet entries.
    Plan and ensure adequate coaching staff for all meets.
  • Partner with Volunteer and Board Liaisons to recruit and retain BSC community volunteer officials to increase availability of resources for local and away meets.   

Working Conditions 

  • Remains in standing positions for extended periods of time. Sitting, standing, walking, swimming, reaching, twisting, turning, kneeling, bending, and squatting in the performance of daily activities. Grasping, repetitive hand movement, fine coordination in writing, reporting and analysis using a computer keyboard.
  • Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word to impart oral information to the Board of Directors, coaches, staff, and public. Communicate (orally and in written form) detailed instructions to others accurately, loudly, and/or quickly.
  • Work involves perceiving the nature of sounds by ear. Work also involves having clarity of vision at various distances.
  • Travel to various locations inside and outside of the City of Bend, and State of Oregon, and other national locations based on meet schedules.
  • Regular evening and weekend work is required; regular and consistent attendance is required.


The Head Coach is a salaried exempt employee under state and federal laws. The Head Coach will work on a regular full-time basis, with the ability to work irregular hours, including nights and weekends, as necessary or appropriate. The Head Coach is employed on an at-will basis consistent with state and federal laws.

If determined necessary or appropriate, the Board of Directors may modify, supplement, change, and/or delete all or any part(s) of this job description.


Send the following information to:

  • Current resume
  • A letter of application detailing relevant experience and how the applicant is prepared to fulfill the responsibilities of the position. Include a statement describing your coaching philosophy.
  • List of at least three current references with contact information. NOTE: references will not be checked until final interviews are conducted and the applicant has been made aware that reference checks are being made.

The salary range BSC is prepared to offer is $75K to $95K commensurate with experience.  

BSC is prepared to offer bonuses based on growth of the number of athletes, retention of athletes year-over-year, all levels of the clubs swimmer performance and overall management of the team. 

Other benefits include monthly health insurance stipend as well as three-weeks paid annual leave. 

Bend Swim  Club will accept applications immediately and close the application process on April 5th, 2024, with an intended start date of  Aug. 1, 2024 or before based on availability. 

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