Jul 09, 2019

Pre-Competitive Coach

  • The Metro Atlanta Aquatic Club, LLC
  • 750 Ferst Drive Northwest, Atlanta, GA, USA
Part time Assistant Coach

Job Description

Job Description: Coach – Pre-Competitive Group

The Metro Atlanta Aquatic Club, LLC (MAAC) is looking for an hourly head coach for our pre-competitive level group. The pre-competitive group consists of swimmers between ages 5-10 who are newer to the sport of swimming. Our swimmers are learning the basics of competition strokes – butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle – and are working on swimming basics like starts, turns, streamline, kicking, etc.

Coaching Credentials:(Must be completed prior to reporting on first day)

-Foundations of Coaching Course
-USA Swimming Background Check -Safe Sport Training
-CPR/First Aid
-Safety for Swim Coaches

Coaching & Instruction:

-Must coach and instruct swimmers during the training times submitted by the employer and at the discretion of the Head Coach

-Notify Head Coach and Team Manager of all major parent complaints, issues that need to be addressed

-Maintain accurate record of attendance in groups

-Must record all workouts through Commit Swimming App/Website (if applicable)

-Meet coverage is required for all meets where Pre-Competitive Swimmers are swimming


Administrative Duties:

-Maintain appropriate setup and clean up before and after practice each day (including equipment closet and dryland areas)

-Must assist in evaluations for placement for MAAC swim program

-Must adhere to the coaches training manual and hand book
-Must attend coaches meetings (as scheduled)
-Collaborate with Coaching Staff to create, design and manage season plans for Pre-Competitive Group

-Update and Submit Meet entries through Team Unify for all meets with Pre-Competitive Swimmers


Team Events/Functions:

-Coaches Orientation and Season Planning Meetings

-Attend Team Banquet in Spring
-Attend State Team Dinner in February
-Attend Annual TeamParent Meeting in Fall


Travel, Room & Board:

MAAC will provide the following for all travel meets (if applicable):

-Hotel, room and board

-$40 gas reimbursement for meets that require 20 miles or more of travel.

-MAAC will provide per diem in the amount of $40 for travel meets in which host team do not provide meals and/or MAAC does not provide meals for coaching staff.

-For travel meets, or coaches clinics, MAAC will provide all meals and travel and the coaches will not receive per diem and/or gas reimbursement.


Coaches Apparel & Equipment Provided by MAAC:

-5 MAAC T-Shirts

-1 MAAC Hoodie/Sweatshirt

-1 MAAC Polo


Dress Code for Practice Sessions:

-Any MAAC t-shirt/polo or sweatshirt

Dress Code for Meets:

-MAAC Polo


Training Schedule:

-Please refer to training schedule located on the team website www.maacswim.com

-Coaches are expected to arrive at the pool no later than 15 minutes prior to the assigned practice time

-All practices take place at the Campus Recreation Center at Georgia Tech, 750 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA



-Pay Rate $12-15/hour commensurate with experience and references


-Competitive Swim Experience Required (high school level required, college level preferred)

-Swim Lesson Teaching/Coaching Experience Required

-Club Level Coaching Experience Preferred

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