Oct 04, 2019

Head Coach Santa Clara Swim Club

  • SCSC
  • Santa Clara, CA, USA
Full time Head Coach

Job Description

Job Responsibilities

SCSC Coaching:
Responsible for and directs all levels of programming, including lessons/precompetitive, competitive (developmental, age group, seniors),
Develop and drive a consistent, team-wide coaching philosophy, which is age-appropriate, emphasizing excellence, goal setting, and team work
Plans and oversees execution of all phases of the program relating to athlete performance to ensure consistency and continuity in skill development and progression
Devise, communicate, and execute seasonal plans, practice schedules, and training, which support team and individual goals
Ensure coaches are following the goals of the training plan
Attract and develop coaches who create a pipeline for training and motivating swimmers at every level of the sport.
Direct coaching staff, which includes establishing coach performance expectations and development, conducting annual performance reviews, coordinating, and tracking continuing education and required certifications, and building a cohesive coaching staff; emphasizing communication, knowledge sharing, and cooperation
Guides the recruitment and retention of swimmers
Coach, develop, and attract National Level Swimmers that set a world class standard for excellence in swimming
Determines meet schedule (including travel trips) and criteria to participate
Sets workout schedules to maximize use of facilities and to meet budgetary requirements
Coaches a minimum of one group
Stay abreast of current trends, policies, and rules related to USA Swimming
Ensures coaching coverage for all USA Swim Meets attended by SCSC
Authority to select clinics and national level meets for staff education, along with authority to select staff to attend
Promotes and encourages swimmer participation in special programs and clinics offered by USA and Pacific Swimming
Provides college guidance and promotion to Senior swimmers during their Junior year in High School and trains the coaching staff on how to provide this guidance
Oversees the following relating to meets
Disbursement of meet information
Maintain best times for team
Maintain team records

SCSC Administration:
Responsible for directing entire Wet side staff (all site coaches and assistant coaches and CFO)
Establish leadership and communication systems for handling community, local, national, and international swim relationships on behalf of the SCSC now and in the future
Is a member of the SCSC Board of Directors
Oversight of all SCSC administration with the assistance of administrative staff per and in accordance with SCSC by-laws
Responsible for the daily operations of SCSC
Partner with, advise, and assist the Board of Directors in conducting strategic Board responsibilities including annual club budgeting, annual club goals, fiscal policies, fee structures, club communication, membership, meets, and fundraising
Collaborate and make recommendations to the Board regarding staffing requirements and changes. Has authority to hire and fire staff within budget constraints
Facilitates recruiting, retention, career development and growth for staff members:
Provides written job descriptions and annual evaluations to the Board for all salaried coaching and administration staff, and supervises salaried staff in developing job descriptions and annual evaluations for hourly staff
Plans and directs regular staff meetings
Responsible for salary and bonus recommendations within budget constraints and approval from Board
Communicates with the Board of Directors regarding all aspects of team management
Primary responsibility for establishing processes for dealing with all coaching, staff, issues and partners with Program Director on member issues when applicable
Schedules routine office hours for all full-time coaches and the office staff
Provide bi-monthly reports on the state of the team to all Board members
Ensure Program Director maintains the SCSC website, publish a regular newsletter to the club membership, attend community meetings, and represent SCSC at all appropriate community meetings.
Create and communicate annual calendar of meets, training, fundraisers, and related membership events.
Responsible to make sure all USA Swimming Club Excellence program paperwork is completed annually and turned in on time. Allocation of any grant money from this program is at the sole discretion of the Head Coach.

ASCA Level 4 or higher
Knowledge of Hy-Tek, Team Unify and Microsoft Office
Able to manage a multi-site program and direct staff
Able to recruit and retain top level coaches
Good verbal and written communication skills
High level of honesty and integrity
Maintain current certifications (CPR, Coaches Safety, Background, APT)
Must be able to attend all Board meetings and weekend events/meets

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization

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