Jun 06, 2023

Clarence Patrick Guillory

  • Full-Time Coach
  • Houston, TX, USA
Full time Associate Head Coach Senior Coach Age Group Coach Assistant Coach

Personal Summary

Patrick has 10+ years of swim teaching experience and loves empowering children, teens and adults with the confidence swim education instills. He was a competitive swimmer for 17 years, rising from neighborhood summer league to a club swim record holder to a top swimmer on the University of Denver's Division One swim team.

Patrick is passionate about swimming. He believes that swim coaching takes patience, listening and a good attitude. Patrick has helped people from all walks of life move through the roadblocks of fear and self-doubt to become better people and swimmers. He seeks to share valuable insights gained from his life and swim career to your team

Work Experience

Swim Instructor and Lifeguard
Jun 2011 - Aug 2013 Houston Swim Club

When he was in High School from 2011 to 2013 in-between swim practices, he would teach swim lessons and lifeguard in the summers. This was the beginning of discovering his love for teaching swimming, while gaining experience at one of the oldest swim schools in the Houston area. E taught ages 2-7 basic swim survival skills, elementary backstroke and freestyle to small groups of two to four students.

Aug 2013 - Aug 2017 University of Denver

After achieving All-American status in 2013, He swam Division I from 2013 to 2017 for the University of Denver. During his time there, I set 6 team records along with maintaining a scoring position on the team, winning awards of Most-Improved and Top Strength and Conditioning 

CAPE Educator
Aug 2015 - Jun 2016 University of Denver

While being a student-athlete, Patrick worked and served as an educator for the Center for Advocacy, Prevention and Empowerment at the University of Denver. In his time here, he taught and informed fraternities, sororities, ethnic organizations and club-sports teams about sexual assault and harassment; how to identify the precursors to harassment, how to report and how to  prevent these events from happening on campus.

Swim Instructor
Oct 2018 - Apr 2020 Lifetime Fitness

From graduation to the Pandemic, from 2018 to 2020, he taught swim lessons for Lifetime Fitness. Here he taught ages 2 - 72 the full spectrum of swimming skills, Patrick gain experience teaching his students how to overcome fear of water to building practices for triathletes on how to improve their technique to swim faster an shave seconds to minutes off of their time. Here he taught all 4 strokes in one-on-one and group settings

Private Swim Lessons
Apr 2021 - Sep 2021 Private Swim

Once Covid was cooling down in 2021, he taught private lessons to middle aged adults who did not know how to swim and had a crippling fear of water. After 3-4 lessons, all of his students would be able to swim basic freestyle (front crawl) far enough to get from one side of a residential pool to the other side with confidence

Wellness Practitioner and Coach
Feb 2020 - Jun 2023 Sensei Shui

He focuses of elevating emotional intelligence of his students through cross-functional collaboration, integrating breath-work, psychosomatic programming and sound healing to blend wellness practices into daily life. Through leading group fitness classes, corporate workshops or private coaching sessions, Patrick transmutes more than two decades of athletic, teaching and life experience to his students to help them discover the best, strongest version of themselves.


International Business
Aug 2013 - Jun 2017 University of Denver


Patrick possesses an outstanding array of qualities that make home an ideal coach. Whether it's a swimmer struggling with technique, a concern about performance, or something more personal, he is able to dedicate his full attention and make the swimmer feel heard and understood. As a former sprinter, Patrick knows how to pay close attention to detail. He's able to articulate stroke flaws and prove positive feedback and guidance. On top of that, Patrick's ability to think outside the box brings a refreshing perspective to the pool deck. He is not afraid of trying new ideas and will grow alongside his swimmers. Lastly, what makes Patrick an exceptional coach is his ability to inspire. He believes in his swimmers potential and will make sure they do with his infectious enthusiasm. All in all, Patrick's exceptional listen skills, attention to detail, creative thinking, and inspiring demeanor make him an invaluable asset to any team. 

Former Division I Assistant Swim Coach

University of Denver


Patrick Guillory and I spent two years together swimming for the University of Denver. Patrick led by example with his work ethic and passion for the sport (and beyond). An incredible athlete, he made time to counsel many of his teammates through both hardships and success. I often thought of Patrick as a mentor especially to his younger teammates, who always knew they could rely on his support and wisdom. One of Patrick's biggest strengths is how he is able to champion a balance in mental and physical health. His ability to relate and empathize with everyone and anyone makes him a natural teacher. In the subsequent years since we were teammates, Patrick has taught yoga and guided many through meditation, and has ventured into many different business and musical endeavors in a variety of environments. He sees the potential in people, even when they don’t see it themselves. With his ability to not only teach but motivate all kinds of people, Patrick will be an excellent addition to any swim program that is lucky enough to have him. I hold him in incredibly high esteem.

Graham Walker
University of Denver Hilltoppers Age Group Coach