Jun 28, 2023

Jackson Bangert

  • Head Swim Coach
  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Full time Head Coach

Personal Summary

My first day of swim practice was during my sophomore year of high school and from day 1 I was hooked. Despite my late start, through hard work & dedication i was able to earn a spot on a Collegiate Division 2 Swim Team. I walked on to the team my freshmen year and by the time I graduated i earned most of my teams scholarship & ended up breaking the team 100 Butterfly record. After graduating with my bachelors degree in exercise science, I went into the coaching side of swimming. I was an assistant swim coach at the Division 3 level for the last 2 years and I got my first shot a head coaching for a Summer League Swim Team. In my free time I really enjoy working out, spending time in the outdoors, and spending time with my friends & family.