Peak Swim Team
  • Peak Swim Team is a year-round, age-group, competitive swim team.
  • We train at the high altitude of 8500 feet, at the base of Pikes Peak in the beautiful mountain community of Woodland Park, CO.
  • We emphasize proper technique and race-paced components in our training program.
  • We are committed to improving our swimmers through swim-specific physical conditioning, sport and performance psychology, and health and nutritional education.
  • We expect our swimmers to be responsible, respectful and dedicated persons in the pool and within our community.
  • We provide a family-like atmosphere that ensures a balanced coach-to-swimmer ratio; promotes positive parent support of the program, coaches, and athletes; and provides our youth the opportunities, confidence, and training to surpass what they thought was possible.
  • We foster team unity, where everyone encourages and takes pride in each other at all levels of skill and competition.
  • We dedicate ourselves to ensure that the time with Peak Swim Team is rewarding and memorable.