North Shore Swim Club

The North Shore Swim Club (NSSC) is characterized by the adherence to certain goals and objectives. A highly specialized and certified coaching staff will strive to teach, train and motivate children of all ages to achieve their potential in competitive swimming and create an experience that will prove valuable to them throughout life. This direction and philosophy apply from the novice to the national level swimmer. To ensure a positive experience with the program parents are expected to read and understand this manual and all of it policies.

PHILOSOPHY/ MISSION: To develop all children to achieve their personal best in the pool and in life. At each level of the program, participants will learn the values of sportsmanship and teamwork. Swimming with NSSC provides physical, emotional and intellectual skills that will last a lifetime. The NSSC program, places a major emphasis on basic skills, proficient techniques, conditioning and result oriented work habits with healthy competition stressed by the Coaching staff.

Jul 22, 2022  
North Shore Swim Club: Facility Head Coach- Start Date: September 1, 2022. North Shore Swim Club is searching for a Facility Head Coach. This coach will be the lead coach for one or two on NSSC’s facility practices. This individual will bring a passion for swimming, an ever-expanding knowledge of training and racing techniques, and a respect for the program’s strong tradition and culture. They will be responsible for the day-to-day coaching and management of all athletes at their respective facility under the direction of the Program Director. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: ● Create and execute an age- and developmentally appropriate season plan ● Regularly attend all meets and practices required by the position ● Implement and coach practices that engage the groups’ swimmers while supporting their improvement in both speed and skill ● Complete meet entries in a timely manner ● Develop a communication plan for the...
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