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Living healthy is important. And whoever you are-parent, professional, spouse, coach, friend- a Weymouth Club membership provides everything you need to make better fitness a way of life.

Weymouth Club is the South Shore’s largest full-service health and fitness club, family-owned and operated with care.

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WAVES USA Swim Team is our year-round developmental and competitive swim program. The swim team is a great opportunity for children who have progressed through their group or private lessons and are ready for a more focused and intense level of training. Waves USA Swim Team offers opportunity for young athletes to build the physical, technical and mental skills they need to achieve in swimming and life overall.

Waves Swim Team - Mission Statement

Weymouth WAVES

Swimming has high expectations. We are committed to providing a challenging, supportive, and fun environment, to teaching good values that reach beyond the pool, and to giving our swimmers the opportunity to reach their full potentials in competitive swimming.

The Vision of the Waves Swim Team is to be recognized as the model for swimming development from novice to national level, and to develop swimmers to the highest levels of national and international swimming.

Team Values: Teamwork, Dedication, Integrity, & Toughness.

Team Motto: ARETE – comprehensive excellence.

Team Objectives:

  1. Provide stability and consistency throughout the program with a staff of professional coaches. The coaches direct the overall philosophy and direction of the team.
  2. Promote goal setting throughout the program.
  3. Develop each athlete’s independency and emotional stability.
  4. Encourage and reward "work-ethic." Success is the result of proper hard work.
  5. Develop sportsmanship, team unity, and leadership qualities.
  6. Prepare for the next step; entering the collegiate ranks; academically and athletically.

Bridge programs to become a WAVES swimmer:

  • The JV team is a developmental program designed to prepare swimmers for USA Swim Team or for swimmers who want a reduced practice commitment. 
  • Waves 101 offers a 45-minute once per week practice to bridge from our Waves Swim School to Waves Swim team.
  • The Summer Recreational team is another great way to get an introduction to competitive swimming. From June to August meeting four times a week Monday—Friday 4pm—5pm with meets around the South Shore as a part of the South Shore Swimming League.