Iowa City Eels

The Iowa City Eels is a year round USAS Registered club from the Iowa Swimming LSC.   

The Iowa City Eels Swim Club is a competitive program committed to helping each swimmer reach their potential as an athlete, a team member, and a model of good sportsmanship in a safe, healthy, and positive environment.

Sep 20, 2021
Assistant Coach - Hourly / Part Time Approximately 10-20 hours / week Starting at $15 / hour - wage negotiable  ____ 1) Oversee and Supervise Introductory competitive groups - ages 8-14 Work with swimmers in small practice groups Mentoring & guidance from an experienced Head Coach 2) Get Involved and Get Experience Option to work additional hours with different training groups Opportunities to scale into more responsibilities with experience 3) Flexible Weekly & Seasonal Schedule Ideal for undergraduate / graduate students Close working relationship with a Head Coach that is on deck and present whenever possible Compensation based on availability and experience Email: James Davis (Head Coach) -
Iowa City Eels Mercer Park Aquatic Center and Scanlon Gym, Bradford Drive, Iowa City, IA, USA Part time