Paseo Aquatics

Paseo Aquatics is located in the heart of Santa Clarita. We offer from novice to national level coaching.


Paseo Aquatics will embrace the highest levels of social acceptance while eliminating injustice and discrimination at every turn. Our objective is to cultivate a safe, healthy, supportive and education/training-centered program conducive to sustained swimming excellence and performance while promoting the sport of swimming and fostering a way of life.

Our coaches will impart the most relevant aspects of swim knowledge and life experiences to create a level of sustained excellence, resulting in performance-success for every Paseo Aquatics athlete both as members of the team and members of our community.


Paseo Aquatics is a place where water and dreams meet through encouragement and support. We call upon each other to form an everlasting bond grounded in teamwork to build a foundation of belief, courage, strength and resolution to fight for our reason "why" with discipline and determination.