Dakota Riptide

The program offers a supportive atmosphere that emphasizes sound stroke technique, wet and dryland training, and competitive opportunities at every level.

Mission: To create, maintain and promote individual and family fitness and meaningful life skills
through community based aquatic programs throughout the region.

Vision: We are committed to:
➔ Fostering health and fitness in the region through the administration and promotion of aquatic
➔ Teaching life skills by instilling a strong work ethic in a safe, fun and competitive environment
➔ Developing aquatic skills to provide all participants the opportunities to grow and succeed to their highest level
➔ Emphasizing team unity and family participation

1. We concentrate on being a team first – promoting the team culture and atmosphere. We always
ask our athletes to invest in one another and each other’s success, as opposed to only focusing on
personal success.
2. As a staff, we believe in teaching before we train. We don’t want our practices to look like any
other programs in the State of SD. We look to find creative ways to get our athletes to do what
we want them to do, and make sure that the swimmers understand that hard work is great, but not
working efficiently won’t help the hard work.
3. We teach, train, and compete in all strokes and all distances, putting value in a well-rounded
swimmer. We strongly believe in the long-term athletic development of the swimmer.