MOST Swim Club

The MOST Swim Club was founded originally in 2015 by coach, Mike Owensby, his daughters MacKenzie and Makayla, and their friends, Jessica, Brianne, Jarrett and Tori. The group of these outstanding athletes decided they did not want a “traditional” mascot for their swim team so they decided to choose the octopus. Originally, all of these swimmers swam as unattached USA members.

The MOST Swim Club is similar to any travel team, which lets premier swimmers in the Macomb area compete against other swimmers primarily in south eastern Lower Michigan in various types of swim meets during the regular season. Those who qualify will find themselves competing at the state, zone and national level during the championship seasons. The MOST Swim Club competes through USA Swimming.

When a young person becomes a member of the MOST Swim Club, he/she learns the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.  Swimming, through the MOST Swim Club, provides physical, emotional, and intellectual skills, which will last a lifetime.