Northern Kentucky Clippers Swimming

A Great History

The Clippers began when Mr. David Webb, the newly appointed Aquatics Director for the Kenton County Schools and former teacher/swim coach at Dixie Heights High School, envisioned a competitive swim team consisting of local swimmers from Northern Kentucky. He wanted to provide the youth of Northern Kentucky the opportunity to be involved in a top-notch competitive swim team with a skilled coaching staff and challenging practices and meet schedules.

David’s dream was realized in 1979 with the opening of the new Scott High School. Under his direction and guidance, the Clippers began with the first coaching staff consisting of Mary Lou Berling (who remained with the team until 1998!), Jim Lutz, and Jim Schuler, and the first 85 Clippers.

The name for the team was selected from entries in a "name the team" contest where Melissa Leuke was awarded for her entry, "Kenton County Clippers." In 1999, the team name was changed to "Northern Kentucky Clippers Swimming" to reflect the true geographical area from which the majority of our swimmers come and to reflect the expansion to our new home at the Silverlake The Family Place.

Junior Olympic History

Over the last decade the Clippers have assisted in raising the bar in the Ohio LSC making it one of the most competitive meets in the country. In the past the meet was a one team race with other fighting for second place. Now the meet is competitive from top to bottom with multiple teams fighting for the crown each season. Check out the last decade of swimming and see how the Clippers have put fighting for a state title year after year a tradition. Thanks to all of the swimmers who helped pave the way for the swimmers of the future....Without You The Tradition would not have been built.....Year By Year