RallySport Health and Fitness

RallySport Health and Fitness is a premier health club located in the heart of one of the United States most athletic cities, in Boulder Colorado. We have been locally owned and operated in Boulder for over 40 years and are committed to providing a World Class training experience. RallySport is home to many of the World's finest endurance athletes and serves as a platform to compete at the highest level.  Our Aquatics Department is a vital part of our company and consists of a competitive swim team (RACE), masters program, triathlon training, age group swimming as well as youth and adult lessons. Our facility includes 42,000sq. ft. of training area; as well as an indoor and outdoor Olympic pool, open year round. We are looking for a passionate, dedicated individual that is motivated to continue the legacy of success within our aquatics department. With 300 days of sun a year and the Rocky Mountains at our back door, we think you will love coaching in Colorado.