Metro Aquatics

Metro Aquatics is a 501(c)3 nonprofit owned, coach-run, USA-Swimming Club Recognition Level 3 competitive swimming program located in Tacoma, Washington. In the past ten years, our senior program has had 99% annual lifetime bests in primary events; a top-40 finisher at the U.S. Olympic Trails and a U.S. Paralympic Trials champion.

Metro Aquatics historically serves (pre-covid) over 400 swimmers (10% African American/Black; 18% Latino/Hispanic; 22% Asian; and 48% white). 40% of our team members qualify for free/reduced lunch. The Head Senior Coach must be capable of creating a positive and inclusive environment that welcomes youth from ethnically diverse and resource-challenged populations. Our mission for all coaches is to assist all swimmers in identifying and achieving success, whatever success means for each individual.