Valparaiso commuinty Schools
  • Valparaiso, IN, USA

Valparaiso Community School Corporation
Valparaiso Community Schools
● Valid (state) teacher license is preferred but not required
● Previous coaching experience in swimming and diving
● A solid understanding of the skills and concepts that is fundamental to teaching the sport
of swimming and diving
● Flexibility, organization, and a strong work ethic
● A vibrant personality that is well suited to work with teenaged boys and girls.
● Excellent instructional skills and techniques
● Solid conflict resolution and communication skills
● Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and
Job Goal:
● To carry out the aims and objectives of the athletic program as outlined by the Athletic
Director and school administration
● To instruct athletes in individual and team fundamentals, strategy and physical training
necessary for them to realize a degree of individual and team success.
● At the same time, the student shall receive instruction that will lead to the formation of
moral values, pride of accomplishment, acceptable social behavior, self discipline and
self confidence.
● Maintain high standards as a teacher, both in the classroom and in the pool, while
advocating the skills, mission and objectives of the District.
● Build relationships, promote sportsmanship, be understanding and fair, and put integrity
ahead of winning.
● Effectively instruct and challenge all student athletes.
● Effectively communicate with players, parents, teachers, media, administrators and other
groups within the community.
● Work in collaboration with other head coaches to promote multi-sport student athletes.
● Demonstrate necessary organizational and leadership skills
● Have experienced past success in coaching swimming in a quality program, and have a
strong background in coaching as evidenced by level of position and expertise in
● Prepare teams by doing limited contact workouts during that period
● Other duties assigned by the athletic director.
● Have a vision and provide clear direction for both boys and girls swimming programs.
● Lead, guide, and oversee assistant swim and dive coaches, who specialize in specific
swim events in order to fully develop our student athletes and swim program.
● Organize and run daily practices, as well as attending daily practices.
● Coach between and during meets and organize managers.
● Organize equipment and complete the equipment inventory at the end of the season.
● Implement basic skills, concepts, and terminology related to swimming and diving.
● Participate in High School Swim/Dive Program Team Activities and Fundraising Projects.
● Supervision of athletes at and after practice at VHS.
● Complete all required NFHS coaching classes before working with student athletes.
● Assist with concession supervisions, attend coaches meetings, attend parent meetings,
and attend award events.