South Bay Aquatics

South Bay Aquatics is a year round indoor swim facility dedicated to providing quality swim instruction to our customers and their families in a fun, friendly and family oriented environment.
Servicing the entire South Bay, South Bay Aquatics provides an indoor, climate controlled facility, maintaining a comfortable 90° water temperature and 80° air temperature on the pool deck YEAR ROUND.
NEVER miss a lesson due to weather.

We provide swim instruction to our community that builds confidence and develops safety skills in a student-centered environment. We are committed to training our staff to teach swim lessons, giving them the tools they need to be successful. This is a diverse, inclusive and supportive workplace. 
Why Choose Swim?
  • You get to work with kids, teaching a life skill that could be life saving
  • It's a fun, creative, flip flop friendly environment
  • Every day is different with new chances to make a difference