DART Swimming

DART Swimming is our competitive year-round program. It is dedicated to empowering young people to commit to the pursuit of excellence and self-improvement, and through these pursuits to acquire life enhancing attributes such as integrity, discipline, dedication and sportsmanship.

Our Purpose:

People will have diverse opportunities for lifelong enrichment through the sport of swimming at a cost the members and partners will support.

  • Athletes of varying levels have diverse athletic opportunities.

  • Athletes are benefiting from collegiate athletic opportunities.

  • Athletes are inspired to train for Elite levels.

  • Athletes have additional opportunities for personal growth outside of regular team activities.

  • DART Swimming is a leader and a role model in USA Swimming.

Our Core Values:

      1.      Build Character and Develop Life skills

                  a.      Integrity, discipline, dedication and sportsmanship, time management

      2.       Provide an enjoyable experience to athletes and their families

                  a.      Supportive and safe environment

                  b.      Team Unity

                  c.      Active participation in team activities and events

      3.      Community Service

                  a.      Provide charitable opportunities for athletes to be involved in the broader community.