COHO Swim Club

Coho Mission

The COHO Swim Club in Deerfield, IL is a competitive and comprehensive developmental program for residents in Deerfield, and surrounding communities. Founded in 1971, COHO is a sponsored program of the Deerfield Park District with a long-standing rich tradition and history of success in swimming on the local, regional, and national levels. We are open to swimmers of all ages and ability levels.

Our mission is to provide coaches, facilities, and support for increased proficiency in competitive amateur swimming; to encourage and develop sound swimming skills; and to develop good sportsmanship, individual integrity and a supportive and positive team atmosphere.


COHO Objectives

To build a base from which we can expand membership to share our sport with as many people as we can.

To encourage and develop excellence in developmental and competitive swimming.

To promote competitive swimming on a local, regional, and national level.

To provide training, development, and support for the coaching staff.

To develop and promote a club social program to encourage attendance, develop team unity, and build long term friendships between team members and club families.

To encourage and develop a supportive parent and administration layer.

To develop and administer an adequate evaluation system.

To provide equipment and facilities which promote excellence in swimming.