Powers Aquatics LLC

Powers Aquatics is a swim school that is located south of Boston, we have a learn to swim parent child classes to kids 8 weeks old to age 3, at age 3 when have a swim team prep program called little crushers, once kiddos are ready we move them up to our swim team PAST (Powers Aquatics Swim Team). 

We see about 5,000 swimmers a week, and are still a very young program as we just started about 7 years ago, our oldest kiddos are age 7. 

We are looking for a fun, enthusiastic, organized & dedicated coach, who is ready to help us grow the swim team part of our swim school. Rec swim team & US swimming.  

The ability to coach masters and/or water polo is also a plus!

I own and started the swim school and am very involved with all direct service of the programs that we offer.