Lake Highland Preparatory School


Within an atmosphere of love, concern, and mutual respect, Lake Highland Preparatory School is committed to instilling Christian values, inspiring patriotism, developing leaders, and preparing students for college and lifelong learning through academically challenging programs and affirming competitive experiences.


Lake Highland Preparatory School develops and empowers students with noble character, keen intellect, and an enduring love of learning to thrive in a highly competitive, widely collaborative, and ever-changing world. The school embraces a "whole child" approach by fostering confident, competent, and functional citizens who are intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to pursue their dreams, achieve their full potential, and successfully cope with life challenges. 


Highlanders receive an unparalleled education with long-lasting life lessons rooted in integrity, grit, and grace. Established in 1970, the school’s strong and inspiring educational tradition focuses on developing young scholars with empathy for others, pride in our country, curiosity to innovate, confidence to contribute, courage to lead, and perseverance to conquer life’s challenges.


Each Highlander is a unique child of God, whose actions are based upon these fundamental beliefs:

  • A Highlander's word is the truth.
  • A Highlander's work is completely his or her own.
  • A Highlander respects the rights, feelings, and property of others.