Rohnert Park Swim Club - Piranhas

Piranha Swimming provides facilities, training, and encouragement for increased proficiency in safe water sports, in general, and competitive swimming in particular.  Our non-profit organization supports local youth, residing within a reasonable commuting distance to the training facility of Piranha Swimming.  The Team provides the appropriate level of funding necessary to further the swim program for all members of Piranha Swimming.  The Team schedules, organizes, and holds swim meets, and actively participates in the affairs of USA Swimming, and Pacific Swimming of the Western zone.  Piranha Swimming promotes a healthy lifestyle, provides opportunities for athletic achievements and academic success, encourages kind and supportive interaction among children, and is committed to serving its local community with a positive impact for years to come.

Rohnert Park Swim Club

150 Raley's Towne Center., PO Box 2724

Rohnert Park, CA 94928-2477

Mobile: 707-535-6808