Wave Aquatics

Wave Aquatics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides a range of public aquatics programs and facilities management services in order to enhance the health, fitness, safety, recreation, and quality of life of Seattle’s Eastside residents. Programs instill confidence, resilience, team work, health, and a strong work ethic.

Founded in 1987, the organization began when Northshore, Redmond, and Totem Lake swim teams merged in order to provide more opportunity and a stronger foundation for swimmers in the Lake Washington and Northshore school district areas. Since then, Wave has expanded its reach to include services at the Juanita Aquatics Center, Redmond’s Hartman Pool and the Willows Preparatory School Pool. Their programs serve nearly 2,000 Eastside residents monthly through its competitive swim team, swim lessons, Lake Washington Masters swim program, water polo team, recreational swimming and pool rentals. With Eastside pool capacity rapidly falling behind population growth, Wave Aquatics is the proven leader in aquatics management poised to partner with local governments to solve this problem by refurbishing and expanding facilities. 

Wave Aquatics operates as an independent nonprofit with a staff team of 85.  The organization is in strong financial standing, with an annual budget of approximately $2.2 million and a healthy financial reserve. Wave has a dynamic and growing team led by Interim Executive Director, Matt Eldridge, and a dedicated Board of Directors.