Roeper Summer Programs
  • Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA

Roeper Summer Programs has been providing multi-faceted programs focusing on fun and personal growth since 1947. Children love Roeper camps, and parents trust us.  

The Roeper School founders, George and Annemarie Roeper, introduced summer camps in 1947 to provide a rewarding and accessible experience for children throughout metro Detroit. Roeper Summer Programs continue to embrace the central characteristics of the Roeper community: diversity, an appreciation for all people, and respect for everyone’s potential.  The Roeper School’s mission, educating and inspiring gifted students to think as individuals and engage as a community with compassion for each other and this world, extends to Roeper Summer Programs. Although the school is designed for gifted students, Roeper Summer Programs are open to all children.  

About The Roeper School

The Roeper School, a co-educational independent school serving gifted students in grades Pre-K through 12. At Roeper, we care deeply about the needs of the whole child; we understand the importance of these formative years and nurture and challenge children at every stage and grade. We believe, as our co-founder Annemarie Roeper said, “that the core purpose of education is to empower children to become independent thinkers and compassionate citizens of an interconnected world.” Our philosophy requires a community in which we live and learn by trusting one another, relying on one another, listening to one another, accepting differences, and seeing one another truly as equals. It requires extraordinary teachers who understand that children learn better when they want to know; teachers who empower and encourage each child to be adventurous, to take risks, and not to fear failure. It requires a school that not only prepares but also allows, each child to make meaningful decisions and solve important problems. On the foundation of this philosophy, we create a safe, rigorous, and joyful learning environment. Here, each student is encouraged to find his or her voice and to pursue his or her intellectual, artistic, and athletic passions. Each child takes a responsible role in his or her learning. In this environment, children feel happy, emotionally secure, and confident, and they develop into self-motivated learners and critical thinkers who pursue excellence in a way that has meaning for them. They discover their own intellectual, artistic, and practical abilities, they find their place within an ever-changing world, and they learn to react in a flexible, clear-minded, and intelligent manner to the complexity of modern life.
Apr 02, 2024  
Seasonal Position, Summer 2024 Aquatics Manager – Summer Programs   The Roeper School   Summer Programs   is recruiting for an   Aquatics Manager   to oversee all water-based activities at summer camp and our Make-A-Splash program. The Aquatics manager ensures safety protocols are followed, supervises lifeguards, conducts safety drills, and coordinates and supervises swim lessons, including training staff who provide swim lessons. The Aquatics Manager will provide full-time onsite supervision during the eight-week camp season. The 2024 summer camp season begins in mid-June and concludes in mid-August. The day shift position may require occasional hours outside of the standard shift. Prior to the start of camp, the Aquatic Manager is expected to work sufficient part-time hours to prepare for camp.   Role: Supervise the work of aquatic staff, safeguarding patrons and other persons using the swimming pool or facilities Supervise the enforcement of rules and...
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