First Stroke Aquatics

What is your water story? First Stroke Aquatics is your swim expert provider. We offer quality private swim instructions in the comfort of your own home or community pools. We believe everyone should know the safety of swimming therefore there are no age restrictions. We serve everyone.  

Are you ready to dive in? First Stroke was founded in 2020 with the intent to stand in the gap for those who want to combat aqua phobia. We focus on gaining confidence to conquer your fear of water and replacing it with joy. Let's start with taking the First Stroke. 

Apr 22, 2024  
First Stroke Aquatics is looking to hire an experienced swim instructor to help children and adults of all ages develop proper swimming techniques and skills. The swim instructor’s responsibilities include evaluating each student’s performance during swim sessions and providing feedback, completing attendance, progress, and accident reports, and ensuring that all swimming aids and equipment are in good working order. You should also be able to assist students with special needs to socialize with other students.  To be successful as a swim instructor, you should demonstrate patience and enthusiasm and be able to motivate students to accomplish their swimming goals. Ultimately, an exceptional swim instructor should be able to communicate effectively with students and ensure that all water safety rules are adhered to.  Responsibilities:  Teaching swimming techniques, swimming strokes, and water safety rules to students with varying swimming abilities.  Assisting more...
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