Florida Gold Coast LSC

Florida Gold Coast LSC is one of the 59 Local Swim Committees under the USA Swimming umbrella.

The LSC is directed by an appointed Board of Directors.

The "FGC" includes the Southeastern section of Florida including Monroe; Dade; Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  This stretches from its Northern point of Jupiter, Florida to Key West for the southernmost tip.

Apr 25, 2024  
FLORIDA GOLD COAST SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR               Florida Gold Coast Swimming (FGC) LSC is hiring a SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR.  The FGC is a Local Swimming Committee of USA Swimming-Southeast Florida. The overall responsibilities of this position would be producing and posting social media content on the FGC’s Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok accounts with experience in both videos and graphics.  The Social Media Coordinator will report directly to the FGC Board of Directors.  (Coordination as needed with the FGC Webmaster and Safe Sport Chair).    Job Expectations/Responsibilities : *Manage the FGC social media account and post timely and appropriate content             *Brainstorm ideas for campaigns and attend the monthly Board Meetings             *Analyze various analytics to gauge the success of campaigns             *Curating user generated content             *Work with mentor and...
Florida Gold Coast LSC Hybrid Part time