SwimsCool, LLC

SwimsCool is a leading mobile swim program in Los Angeles that offers private, one-on-one swim lessons and coaching to children of all ages throughout the year. Our approach to teaching is based on creative thinking and engagement, using kinesthetic feedback, play, skill-building exercises, and positive reinforcement to make learning both educational and fun. With our at-home service, we bring the pool to you, providing a convenient and comfortable learning environment for your child. Join SwimsCool today and watch your child's swimming skills soar!

Jul 01, 2024  
Company Description SwimsCool is a swim school that offers private and personal one-on-one swimming lessons for children in the LA and Santa Monica, CA areas. Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience for children, promoting water safety and building confidence in the water. Role Description This is a part-time remote seasonal role for a Swim Instructor. The Swim Instructor will be responsible for conducting private swimming lessons for children, focusing on teaching swimming techniques, water safety, and building confidence in the water. The Swim Instructor will also provide feedback and progress assessments to parents and maintain a positive and supportive learning environment. Qualifications Swim Instruction and Swim Lessons skills Experience in swimming and aquatics Knowledge of water safety and lifeguarding Ability to adapt and modify swimming techniques for different age groups and skill levels Excellent...
SwimsCool, LLC Remote (Beverly Hills, CA, USA) Seasonal