Humboldt Swim Club

Humboldt Swim Club is a non-profit, board-governed, head-coach charged swim team located in Arcata, CA. The team  practices at the Arcata Community Pool and the Humboldt State University pool.  Humboldt Swim Club was formed 1993. In 1998, Humboldt Swim Club merged with North Coast Swim Club to better serve the local swimming community. Humboldt Swim Club is a member club of Zone 3, Pacific Swimming, a division of USA Swimming.

The mission of Humboldt Swim Club is to provide the youth of our community with a USA Swimming club and to promote the sport of swimming in our area. The team currently has 105 members ages 6 and up from novice to Junior National qualifiers.

About Arcata, CA

Arcata, CA is located in the heart of northern California’s coastal redwood region. The redwood coast is known for outdoor activities includes hiking, biking, backpacking, surfing, fishing, camping, river rafting, kayaking, golf and more. Humboldt State University, located in Arcata, and nearby College of the Redwoods provide excellent educational opportunities, as well as entertainment and culturally enriching activities. Arcata is located approximately 275 miles north of San Francisco, and overlooks historic Humboldt Bay. Arcata enjoys a desirable quality of life including a small town atmosphere, moderately priced housing, high quality elementary schools, light traffic and large expanses of rural open space. The temperate climate of the region is characterized by warm winters and cool summer temperatures.