Des Moines Swimming Federation

DMSF is a non-profit competitive swim team based in the Des Moines metro. Established in 1982, the program was designed to give athletes the opportunity to develop and perform at their highest level, which has included several athletes for USA National level meets and US Olympic Team Trials. The primary goal of DMSF is to provide the opportunity for each and every swimmer participating in the DMSF swimming programs to progress to the highest competitive level he or she is capable of achieving. Our team currently consists of four different training groups ranging from developmental team swimmers through senior levels, encompassing 110 athletes and counting, ranging from 6 to 18 years of age.

Jul 02, 2019
Head Swimming Coach – Des Moines Swimming Federation Des Moines Swimming Federation – the oldest swimming club in the Des Moines metro – is looking to hire a full-time head coach to continue our long history of swimming and cultural excellence, helping us foster an environment where young athletes can thrive. DMSF is a year-round USA Swim team, with an annual registration of 100- 120 swimmers. The team has a full complement of swimming programs, from beginning competitors up to a national group. The team swims primarily at Valley High School in West Des Moines, but also trains at several other locations in the metro. DMSF is proud to have been recognized for coaching excellence twice in the past three years by Iowa Swimming. We are seeking a leader who is passionate about the sport of swimming and helping kids learn the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Candidates should be a role model our athletes can look up to and seek guidance from as they set out to achieve their goals, but most importantly, someone who believes in our team’s mission of providing the opportunity for every swimmer to progress to the competitive level he or she is capable of and desires to achieve. Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  Establishes an environment that fosters positive team attitudes, and encourages individual self-discipline, sportsmanship and responsibility. Builds a fun and safe environment for athletes, families and fellow coaches.  Serves as primary coach for the team, responsible for all levels of swimming in the program. This includes: o Setting team performance goals, and developing season training plans and daily workouts to progress swimmers and show success and improvement o Setting training groups and criteria for advancement o Being the on-deck coach for one or more training groups, and overseeing consistent implementation stroke and training principles throughout all levels o Providing direct evaluation and guidance to athletes to help them meet their training goals, and disciplining swimmers per DMSF policies and procedures o Determining the team’s meet schedule and attending meets and DMSF-hosted meets and events  Acts as DMSF’s director of staff, working with the board to recruit, hire, supervise and develop assistant coaching staff. This includes: o Scheduling staff to cover practices and meets o Planning and directing coaching meetings o Developing staff training to help coaches and overall team progress o Leading by example  Performs team administration functions, with support from team financial coordinator and Board. This includes: o Developing and promoting all DMSF-hosted swim meets o Sharing meet information from other swim clubs o Managing DMSF website and social media channels o Managing and publishing team’s master calendar, with practices, meets, events, etc. o Maintaining systems, equipment and technology to operate meets and practices. Training coaching staff and volunteers as necessary.  Communicates professionally and regularly with coaches, athletes and parents. Maintains positive relationships with the local and state swimming community and school districts/facilities directors. Represents the team with Iowa Swimming.  Attends all DMSF Board meetings and executive sessions, and all regional/state USA Swimming meetings. Qualifications  5+ years as a head coach or assistant head coach of a USA Swimming Club  Current USA certification and coaching requirements; ASCA Level 3 or higher preferred  Solid knowledge of stroke theory and training physiology  Experience developing athletes of all ages and swim experience  Experience leading and mentoring assistant coaching staff  Bachelor’s degree preferred Ideal candidate possesses:  Clear, cooperative communication style  Strong team-building and organizational skills  Decisive and confident decision-making  Positive, can-do attitude, and accountability to ensure things get done  Solid personal ethics, including honesty, respect and integrity Competitive compensation to be negotiated All applications will be held in confidence. To apply: send Resume and cover letter of interest to
Des Moines Swimming Federation West Des Moines, IA, USA Full time