Flyers Aquatic Swim Team

The Flyers Aquatic Swim Team (FAST) was established in 2003 and has rapidly grown to over 350 swimmers. FAST is a member of the Ozark LSC operating out of three pools in both south St. Louis County and mid ST. Louis County, Missouri. FAST attracts swimmers primarily from  St. Louis and bordering communities in Illinois.  FAST is competitive within the LSC, Section and the Central Zone.   In 2019 FAST won not only Spring Sectionals overall title, but the women's title too.  FAST has athletes competing at the National level as well.


May 28, 2019
FAST is currently seeking a qualified, energetic coach to lead our Age Group program  into the next Quad.  The duty of the head age group coach is to run the Age Group Program of the Flyers Aquatic Swim team.  This means intake of swimmers from outside the program, as well as from FAST lessons, and preparing them for competition and eventual promotion to the FAST Senior Program.  It is also the duty of the head age group coach to be involved in promoting the sport of swimming in Ozark and in the region for the betterment of the sport, in general and FAST swimmers in particular. The Head Age Group coach must be knowledgeable in all the latest techniques for fast, efficient swimming as well as an expert in the developmental stages of growing children – physically, mentally and emotionally.  The coach must constantly educate swimmers and parents on the long-term value of the sport while providing daily challenges to prepare young swimmers for the future. Coaching duties:                 1) Compose seasonal plan for all age group practice groups                 2) Establish yearly goals for Age Group Program                 2) Be the lead coach for Flight School and Rocketeers                 3) Regularly attend practices, for all age group practice groups, to oversee assistant coaches                 4) Attend meets when swimmers from the Age Group Program are entered                 5) Instruct swimmers and assistant coaches in the process of goal-setting                 6) Implement dryland exercise program for Shooting Stars and Rocketeers Age Group Administrative duties:                 1) Process meet entries for Flight School and Rocketeers                 2) Schedule assistant coaches to cover all scheduled practice time and meets                 3) Compose meet recap articles and e-mail to age group parents after each meet                 4) Conduct parent education/parent meetings for all Age Group Practice Groups                 5) Communicate with age group parents via e-mail                 6) Conduct new swimmer evaluations for new swimmers under the age of 13                 7) Compile performance data on age group swimmers                 8) Ensure a good working relationship with Sperreng and Kennedy staff                 9) With Co-Head coaches, develop yearly practice schedule for Age Group Practice Groups                 10) With Director of Staff Development, conduct yearly staff evaluations for age group coaches General Administrative Duties:                 1) Be an active member of the Ozark LSC governance                 2) Provide Co-Head coaches with information for monthly board reports, when asked                 3) Work with Team Administrator on team-hosted meets                 4) Work with Co-Head coaches to develop seasonal meet schedule                 5) Attend Age Group Zone meet at least three times per quadrennium                 6) Be FAST’s point of contact for Ozark Zone entries and information   Applicant must have a college degree, and be current with all USA Swimming coaching requirements.  ASCA Level 3 preferred.    All FAST coaches report to the Co-Head Coaches and Executive Director who, in turn, report to a 9-member board.  The FAST board of directors expects the professional coaches to run the day-to-day operations of the team.    FAST offers competitive salary, health insurance and a mobile phone to full-time employees.  All employees must successfully complete a background check and athlete protection training as per USA Swimming guidelines.   The opening is expected to be filled by the middle of August, 2019 but could be filled earlier or later to accommodate the right candidate(s).  Candidates should send resume of qualifications to Co-Head Coach Diana Rosen at  or mail to P.O. Box 8595, St. Louis, MO 63126.  
Flyers Aquatic Swim Team 12111 Tesson Ferry Rd, Sappington, MO, USA Full time