Tri West Swim Club, Ltd.

Our mission is to be an inclusive swim program that promotes youth the opportunity to enhance their physical, mental and social development in and outside the pool in a fun, structured and supportive environment.

May 19, 2021
Job Description: Directly Coach at least one Leveled Group, demonstrating proper swimming technique and observing swimmers to detect and correct mistakes Provide a positive, encouraging and challenging atmosphere in which all swimmers, regardless of ability, may improve their skills Treat all swimmers with equal care and concern, regardless of ability Work with the Head Coach to help create plan for Age Group Attend & Supervise swimmers at Meet Events when possible Attend & Supervise swimmers at Championship Meet Events when possible Attend team Social & Fundraising Events when possible Attend all Coaches & Pertinent Meetings Maintain office hours or indicate how/when to contact the Coach
Tri West Swim Club, Ltd. Tri West High School, Indiana 39, Lizton, IN, USA Part time