Eastern Connecticut State University

By placing its highest priority on the overall quality of the liberal arts educational experience, Eastern Connecticut State University's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, Intramurals & Recreation seeks to integrate its programs and goals with academic and developmental objectives and to assure the assimilation of student-athletes into the general student body. To achieve this end:

  • Eastern offers a broad-based, Division III athletic program aimed at safeguarding the amateur aspects of the various sports and maintaining the proper perspective of athletics within the academic mission of the University.
  • Eastern encourages male and female students from all backgrounds to participate in some component of the athletic program to develop their full potential, so they may contribute more effectively to our society and live richer, fuller lives.
  • Eastern places emphasis on good sportsmanship on the part of student athletes, both when engaged in competition and when supporting their peers from the stands.
  • Eastern offers a quality co-curricular athletic program positively affects the health and well being of the student population, either directly through participation, or indirectly through spectatorship and school spirit.