JCC Manhattan Thunderbirds

The JCC Manhattan Thunderbirds Swim Team strives to build a vibrant, passionate swimming community.  Through practice and competition, our swimmers develop an appreciation for the rewards of hard work, respect for others, personal responsibility, as well as team and community spirit. 

The Thunderbirds have the privilege of being part of a large, diverse, spirited and supportive community. The JCC welcomes these young athletes not only through its doors and into its spaces, but also into its hearts. We look to enhance the community each time we walk into the building and uphold the values of The Thunderbirds and The JCC at all times. We strive to be polite, caring, honest and open with our community each and every day.

All Thunderbirds are expected to attend all swim team practices, meets and events with a positive attitude. Sportsmanship starts at home; dedication to your teammates is first and foremost. We encourage our swimmers to support each other through every dry land exercise, warm up, drill, main set, cool down and every race they swim, win or lose. A handshake and a smile is a large part of what our sport is built on. Whether you swim against a teammate or a rival swimmer, being a good sport will always make you a winner.