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Competitive Excellence/ Personal Development

Opportunities are provided for each swimmer to compete at levels which are appropriate to his/her competence. The Poseidon coaching staff endeavors to teach, train and motivate young people to achieve their ultimate potential in competitive swimming in the belief that this experience will prove valuable to them as they grow and develop. The staff also strives to nurture high standards in personal development by instilling such concepts as time management, personal accountability, high self-esteem, constructive self-motivation, goal setting and goal achievement as these ideas relate to their success in training and in competition. It is our belief that the process of achieving is as significant as realizing the achievement itself.

At each level of the Poseidon program, swimmers are taught to strive for excellence. Excellence represents the achievement of that level at which each individual knows that they have done their utmost to become the best that they are capable of becoming.

May 18, 2018
POSEIDON ACADEMY COORDINATOR/INSTRUCTOR JOB DESCRIPTION The Poseidon Academy Coordinator/Instructor is responsible for scheduling all group instruction to include group lessons and clinics, and for the training plan that reflects the necessary skills needed in order to join the Poseidon Swimming competition team. The Poseidon Academy Coordinator/Instructor will work closely with the team administrator to ensure sessions are posted for registration in a timely fashion, and that all instructors are following the Poseidon Academy curriculum. The Poseidon Academy Coordinator/Instructor should demonstrate the capacity to deal with a wide range of relationships and situations with good judgment, initiative and creative planning. Specific   Current ASCA certification is preferred. Current Coaches Safety Training is preferred.  Current CPR and First Aid certification is required.  USA Swimming Personal Background Screening is required.  USA Swimming Athlete Protection Certification is required.  Experience teaching beginner through advanced swimming lessons is required.  Continuous teaching provided in a challenging, fun and motivating environment. Continuous communication is required All incidences of parental conflict and concerns shall be reported to the Board of Directors and Team Administrator. General   Positive stroke corrections should accompany attention to details to facilitate rapid development. All athletes will receive instruction towards being able to perform each stroke and appropriate turn as well as correct starting entry.  Problem areas should be marked and plans developed for assisting those athletes that have demonstrated trouble mastering a skill.  Aerobic development will begin in the form of continuous drilling with test sets to be conducted at regular intervals during the season. The Poseidon Academy Coordinator/Instructor must understand that each athlete is an individual with unique needs and desires. Every child must be handled in a positive, motivating manner without categorizing. Responsibilities  Be familiar with Learn-to-Swim levels/curriculum or other nationally recognized water safety/swim lesson curriculum and know how to use course materials effectively.  Provide instruction for varying ages.  Begin and end class on time, remain after class to answer participant and/or parent questions as needed, and clean up supplies. Educate participants on proper technique and promote swimmer safety.  Provide lesson plans as appropriate.  Submit completed report cards, certificates and attendance information on time.  Present a professional appearance and attitude at all times and maintain a high standard of customer service. Complete additional duties as assigned. Additional Skills/ Knowledge Desired  Ability to work independently and possess energy and enthusiasm. Ability to positively interact with the public.  Previous work experience at aquatic facility. Schedule and Compensation  Part-time position: Hours will be determined and agreed to.  Instructional time – clinics may take place on both weekdays and weekends. All instructional time to be at Midlothian Athletic Club.  Administrative time – scheduling of group lessons and clinics can be completed at home or in the Poseidon office.  Pay range: Hourly, TBD based on experience. Personal days upon request. Annual Performance Evaluation. To Apply send your resume to admin@poseidonswimming.com
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