Parental Search-Team
  • Opelika, AL, USA

We are in the beginning stages of trying to add a more serious level of training/competitiveness to the  current program.  There are a number of steps still required to bring this ambition to reality.  However, we are collecting resumes of candidates so that when approval is given, action can be taken quickly.  

There is currently ambiguity about what annual salary will be available.  This is greatly determined by the number of participants interested in joining the program and the monthly financial commitment they are willing to make.  Please be forthright about your pay expectations so we can meet them.

The coach will start by leading a small team that is slightly above a recreation level and then  raise it to a far more serious program.  Based on surveys and little local competition, an ambitious coach should be able to quickly build this team.  What do we want to be like?  Bolles, Dynamo, SwimMac, Huntsville Swim Club, Mission Viejo.  Perhaps not in size but certainly in the swimmers the team produces.

We are looking for someone with 4 years competition at a college level.  

Please include information about your swimming experience:

How long did you swim

What team were you a part of

Who were your coaches and what was good about them, and/or how will you be different

What is your coaching philosophy pertaining to training and team culture

 What activities and organizations are you involved in outside of swimming

What would the mission statement of your team be

Why do you want to coach 

What did you graduate in from college

Thank you for your interest in this position.