Flying Fish Arizona Swim Team

Sonoran Desert Aquatics is a non-profit club doing business as (dba) Flying Fish of Arizona Swim Team. The club and team are run by the coaches and support committees and overseen by an elected Board of Directors, which meets each month.  All members are welcome at each meeting and encouraged to be involved in team activities and fundraisers

Fast Vision Statement: 

At FAST, our vision is to be a nationally-recognized aquatics program serving swimmers at the highest levels of the sport, while also providing a home for individuals who are learning to swim or swimming for fitness. We aim to be the best swim program in the area, where "best" is defined as a community of happy swimmers who are accomplishing their personal goals. 

FAST Mission Statement: 

Our mission, as an organization comprised of swimmers, coaches and parents, is to help every individual swimmer reach their highest potential, in a safe, healthy, happy and positive environment. We inspire our young athletes to achieve their goals in a supportive team atmosphere and we encourage a commitment to excellence - both in and out of the water - with a focus on incremental improvement and character development. 

FAST Team Philosophy:

The Flying Fish Arizona Swim Team prides itself on being able to provide a home for all swimmers. Our coaching staff devotes a lot of time to our athletes individually, both on and off the deck. We carefully assess goals and collaborate to achieve them together. We don’t put all swimmers in the same box, and believe working with each individual swimmer is key in helping them perform to the best of their abilities. Our goal is to allow all swimmers to thrive individually by working together as a team.