RACE Aquatics

RACE Aquatics is a competitive swim club located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a member of USA and Kentucky Swimming, and is governed according to the rules of both of those organizations.

RACE offers age-appropriate instruction, with trained, and certified coaches, for all levels of swimmers.


Our mission is to inspire, encourage and empower our swimmers to achieve greatness.

RACE Aquatics Swim Club’s mission is to develop each athlete first as a competitive swimmer that strives to reach his or her full potential.  RACE also demands that our swimmers become leader athletes of strong moral courage, character and discipline while treating everyone with dignity and respect.  Parents and coaches will focus on supporting each other while encouraging the athletes to have fun in a safe secure environment.


Our vision is to create a premier organization where education and competition unite; Building better athletes and stronger community through the fitness and sport of swimming.

RACE Aquatics Swim Club will provide athletes of all skill levels with the opportunity to reach his or her full potential and meet individual goals, while developing swimmers who display sportsmanship, moral courage and integrity.