Pocono Springs Camp

Pocono Springs Camp - East Stroudsburg, PA - 5-week co-ed Summer Camp

Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, 75 miles from NYC, and 100 miles from Philadelphia. We offer an extensive variety of activities and healthy challenges that allow campers to flourish. Campers have the opportunity to experience personal success, build confidence and independence, while creating lifelong friendships and lasting memories.

Our camp program includes Aquatics, Waterfront, Athletics, Outdoor Adventure, Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Special Areas. We look for skilled and dynamic staff to not only provide excellent instruction in our program areas, but also to be wonderful role models for all our campers. 

Mar 17, 2021
At   Pocono Springs Camp , we staff our camp with outstanding people who are dedicated to working with children and creating an atmosphere of family, spirit, and excitement. If you have a passion for life and a desire to impact the lives of children by helping them be their best selves and to also grow as an individual yourself, Pocono Springs is the right place for you.   Being a camp counselor is not only one of the most important and rewarding jobs you will ever have — it’s the hardest job that you will ever love! Our Waterfront consists of a 16-acre lake with Aqua Playground, Canoe, Kayaking & Paddleboarding, Waterski/Wakeboarding, and a Pool that overlooks the lake! Our "Swim Staff" provide swim instruction in our pool, as well as provide more advanced instruction for our "Swim Team". They also have a part in lifeguarding in all areas of the waterfront, including at our Aqua Playground.  We have a 10-day Orientation to prepare you for our swim instruction...
Pocono Springs Camp 48 Pocono Springs Way, East Stroudsburg, PA, USA Seasonal